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SHARE: Dr Calculus - Designer Beatnik (1986)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 5:03 pm
by xymox970 ... se/6256672

Stephen Duffy & Roger Freeman (ex Pigbag) + various other collaborators

2007 Digital only reissue of this wonderful experimental electro album includes bonus tracks from the two 12" releases from 1984 / 1986.
Many mention Perfume From Spain as the standout track, but I am much more fond of the first single Programme 7 / Killed By Poetry (1984) - both simply excellent tracks.

Not my rip.
Seems to be an occasional problem with the right audio channel on certain tracks, but nothing too bad....

John Peel Session - 28-01-1985

Re: SHARE: Dr Calculus - Designer Beatnik (1986)

PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:23 am
by yipyipcoyote
Thanks for posting this, especially the peel session since one of the tracks (Honey I'm Home) never made it to the album, and the version of "Killed By Poetry" is also unique to this and the best version imho