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The Unknown Beauty Of The 80's Vol. 119

Discuss hard-to-find or out-of-print New Wave and '80s Alternative, and share a few songs along the way.
NOTE: requesting songs that are entirely unrelated to the genres discussed here or easily found on CD is strongly discouraged and posts will be enforced as needed.

The Unknown Beauty Of The 80's Vol. 119

Postby Rissan » Mon Aug 10, 2020 5:45 am

Another week pass, and at the moment we are experiencing a heatwave. It is almost unbearable to work at home. This morning during a meeting my manager suggested to get to work. Because of the airco it was veryu cool overthere. But with the growing numbers of Covid-19 infections in the Amsterdam area I am not so keen on it to travel by public transport to work. We have to wear mouth mask in public transport, but this does not protect you completely. So I work from home, and see if I will take my regular working days at work this week or do them from home. Meanwhile I prepared some nice compilations in the last couple of weeks, which I will share to you later this week. Starting with 119 today.

The next Volume will be a thematic one, so be prepared.

The tracks:

01. Care - Flaming Sword (12" version) (3:38)
02. Rod Falconer - Only So Much Time (3:30)
03. Touch El Arab - Muhammar (5:54)
04. Blaine L. Reininger - Mystery And Confusion (4:16)
05. Midnight Rags - The Cars That Ate New York (5:56)
06. The Unknown Cases - Masimba Bele (5:54)
07. Ackland Walk - Sinking Ships (3:30)
08. Lunette Noire - Notice In A Diary (4:28)
09. Annie Anxiety Bandez - As I Lie In Your Arms (5:47)
10. Pulsallama - Ungawa Pt. II (way out Guiana) (4:58)
11. The Comsat Angels - Eye Of The Lens (4:03)
12. Carcrash International - Crash! (3:37)
13. The Bet - Who Takes The Long Way Home (3:09)
14. The Cassandra Complex - Something Came Over Me (5:33)
15. Tuxedomoon - What Use (4:01)
16. Eddie & Sunshine - Perfect Stranger (3:25)
17. Dalbello - Path Of Least Resistance (4:56)
18. Marching Orders - Games We Play (3:12)

The link: ... Kgzo94q5DM

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Re: The Unknown Beauty Of The 80's Vol. 119

Postby Gazebo Music » Mon Aug 10, 2020 7:56 am

Blaine L. Reininger - Mystery And Confusion (One of my favourite tracks by BR)

Ris, Congratulations on reaching 119 volumes! This may be a record for longest running 80s series! Truly amazing and no easy task! You have exposed us all to some absolute rare obscure 80s tracks that most of us would never have known about! For those of us who share these collections, regardless if MP3, WAV, Flac etc, the important thing is keeping the music alive and not forgotten! I know I speak for all of us.....Job well done my friend!


Gazebo Music
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Re: The Unknown Beauty Of The 80's Vol. 119

Postby crichert » Mon Aug 10, 2020 5:04 pm

I second Paul's sentiments Rissan! These collections are so well done and all the hard work is greatly appreciated by people that frequent this forum. Stay safe and healthy my friend!!

Thank you!! :mrgreen:
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Re: The Unknown Beauty Of The 80's Vol. 119

Postby maccafan076 » Sun Aug 16, 2020 2:38 pm

Very appreciated Rissan. Thank you :)
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