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FIAT LUX the unreleased lost album

FIAT LUX the unreleased lost album

Postby AJWAVE » Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:07 am

Fiat Lux has returned with 2 digital singles "Secrets 2017" and "It's You". I talked to the administrators of their Facebook page and they commented that the band is negotiating with Universal in order to finally release the lost album of 1986 ("fact ut vivas", by the way, the band didn't give it that name as a matter of fact, album still didn't have a name when Polydor refused to release it) through his label splidian records. Keep your fingers crossed
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Re: FIAT LUX the unreleased lost album

Postby postpunkmonk » Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:00 am

Good thing I held off on buying all the rest of those singles that I need [approximately half]. I can wait years not to spend $80 [and several dozen hours] on vinyl to digitize and clean up for a $20 CD that will hopefully be made from the master tapes.
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Re: FIAT LUX the unreleased lost album

Postby thunderbird2 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:24 am

great news and another one potentially off the list

it would be great if they can include the hired history material as well along with any 12" mixes like blue emotion

I think it is clear based upon the interest created by the two singles has opened the door for this to happen , I love the new single as well. if you are quick you can get the promo cd off of their website for £5
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Re: FIAT LUX the unreleased lost album

Postby Sean » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:23 pm

Hope this happens.
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