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Re: Pokemon Go: Advanced tips

PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2016 8:49 am
by Poodle
So you want to be a Pokemon Master.

You already know the basics of Pokemon Go, and now you want to buy pokemon go account catch 'em all. Perhaps you'd like to have a snowball's chance in hell of knocking down your neighborhood Pokemon gym as well.

You've come to the right place. Here's what we wish we knew before we started playing this ridiculously addictive game.

Don't you dare power up those Pokemon

It's the single hardest thing to explain to people playing Pokemon Go: you can't get attached to any of those cute pocket monsters if you want to succeed in this world.

Three reasons:

1) The vast majority of Pokemon you find aren't worth powering up -- because if you continue to play the game and increase your Trainer Level, you'll automatically start to find better ones.

2) The fastest way to increase your Trainer Level is to harvest and evolve loads of weak Pokemon, then grind them up into candy. I'm only slightly kidding.

3) The coolest, rarest Pokemon you find are usually worthless for battling, because you won't find enough of them to harvest for candy.

Let's assume that's OK. You're happy to become a cold, soulless monster for the purposes of this game. What's the best way to reap those poor delicious Pokemon?

The single fastest way to level up is to crack a Lucky Egg (which doubles all XP earned for 30 minutes), then evolve as many Pokemon as you can in a row for 1,000xp a pop. You get a free Lucky Egg when you hit levels 9 and 14, and you can buy more with real money if you want.
Typically, a Lucky Egg will last long enough to evolve 60 Pokemon at once for a total of 60,000xp, enough to earn you between 3 and 6 trainer levels in one fell swoop.
Pidgey, Weedle and Caterpie are the easiest to evolve, requiring only 12 candy each. You get 3 candy each time you catch one, so it takes just four Pokemon to get one evolve. 100xp per catch + 500 xp per evolve = 900 xp each time you catch 4 of these Pokemon, not counting the Lucky Egg bonus.
If you don't have enough 12-candy evolutions to maximize a Lucky Egg, you can fill in with common 25-candy evolutions like Rattata and Geodude, or Zubats if you really must.
You can use in order to calculate if you have enough Pokemon and candy to make good use of your Lucky Egg, or if you should catch more first.
Have more than 60 Pokemon to evolve? Here's a nifty trick: you can use two different phones logged into the same pokemon go account to evolve them more quickly. Start a new evolve with one phone while you wait for the other phone's evolve animation to finish.
Don't bother powering up your Pokemon until you reach Trainer Level 20 at the very least. That's the point when the difficulty ramps up.

Hey alpha, I suggest you post on the correct forum. Maybe I'll come to terms with your tips, but probably not with your Pokémon. :evil: