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Boys Own

PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2006 5:16 am
by The Robman
There was a really great band in the UK in the early 80's called "Boys Own". I first became aware of them when I saw them opening for Yazoo in London. I was at the show with about a dozen other friends from school. A few months later, we noticed that they were playing some small dates around town, so we started to go to many of their shows, so much so that the band started to refer to us as the "Croydon Contingent" (as we came from Croydon).

Both Neil Arthur (from Blancmange) and Alison Moyet (from Yazoo) were friends with the band (as we bumped into both of them at their shows. We also bumped into David Sylvian at one of their shows.

I don't think this band put out any records, though I know they recorded at least one 3-song demo tape (as I used to have a copy), which contained the song "Eyes Of Steel".

The band members were:
Jay "Manjay" Paine - guitar, vocals
Paul Davies - guitar, keyboards
Mark Irving - drums, percussion

I would love to know what the guys are up to now, and if they did any other recording I'd love to get a CD of it. So, does anybody have any info on these guys?

Re: Boys Own

PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2018 11:19 am
by df118
Bear with me...

With all the Yazoo box set discussion, I decided to pull out my original Upstairs At Erics vinyl. The inner sleeve happens to be autographed by all of Boys Own from when I saw them support Yazoo in '82. So I searched for them here and happened upon this ancient 'thread'.

I can't find any recorded works (so if you're still here and can share the tape then please do). Paul Davies had been in Naked Lunch I believe (who had a track La Femme on the Some Bizzare album). Jay Paine and Paul Davies then cropped up in Sunkings in 1990. Discogs can give you details.