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Your Top 15 Synth-pop songs

Discuss your favorite songs, artists or post your top ten lists from the new wave era or related genres.

Your Top 15 Synth-pop songs

Postby SuNomi » Tue Sep 26, 2006 1:30 pm

1. "Maid Of Orleans" - OMD
2. "Vienna" - Ultravox
3. "In Awe Of Industry" - Kissing The Pink
4. "Lawnchairs" - Our Daughter's Wedding
5. "Let Me Go" - Heaven 17
6. "Homosapien" - Pete Shelley
7. "Destination Unknown" - Missing Persons
8. "Promises Promises" - Naked Eyes
9. "Pale Shelter" - Tears For Fears
10. "Don't You Want Me" - Human League
11. "Girl U Want" - DEVO
12. "Flying North" - Thomas Dolby
13. "Lucky Number" - Lena Lovich
14. "Spies In The Wire" - Cabaret Voltaire
15. "Vermillion Sands" - The Buggles
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Postby design_femme » Tue Sep 26, 2006 2:27 pm

(some are questionably synthpop, but feck it, I love the songs)

1. Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight - Dominatrix
2. I Touch Roses - Book of Love
3. Maid of Orleans - OMD
4. Exorcise This Wasteland (remix) - Single Gun Theory
5. Lose Your Love - Blancmange
6. Smiling Monarchs - Abecedarians
7. Geography 1 - Front 242
8. Temptation (EP) - New Order
9. Your Silent Face - New Order
10. United - Throbbing Gristle
11. Trans-Europe Express - Kraftwerk

(I cheated put 11. [:p])

Edited b/c I didn't read it the question carefully! I get to pick 4 more! Wheeee!

12. Executioner - Wolfgang Press (came from the mid-90s!)
13. I Travel - Simple Minds
14. Mad World - Tears For Fears
15. In Your Eyes - Book of Love
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Postby popreactor » Wed Sep 27, 2006 12:23 am

1.B-Movie- Polar Opposites
2.OMD- Enola Gay
3.Play- Red Movies
4.Human League- Keep Feeling Fascination
5.Rheingold- Looks Good On You
6.Yazoo- Nobody’s Diary
7.Depeche Mode- I Just Can’t Get Enough
8.Camouflage- The Great Commandment
9.Mobiles- Drowning in Berln
10.Visage- Fade to Grey
11.Kraftwerk- The Telephone Call
12.Ultravox- Sleepwalk
13.2 Belgen- Lena
14.Animotion- Obsession
15.The Stranglers- Skin Deep

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Postby rotator » Wed Oct 04, 2006 8:38 am

There's not a bass, guitar or real drum in the bunch....[b]

1.Kraftwerk -"Tour De France"
2.Depeche Mode - "Dreaming Of Me"
3. Rational Youth - "City Of Night"
4.Men Without Hats - "I Got The Message"
5.CCCP - "American Soviets"
6.Kraftwerk -"Spacelab"
7.Telex - "Moskow Disco"
8.Rational Youth - "Saturdays In Silesia"
9.Boytronic -"You"
10. Trans-X - "Living On Video"
11.Depeche Mode - "Behind The Wheel"
12.Bronski Beat - "Small Town Boy"
13.Styloo - "Pretty Face"
14.The Normal - "Warm Leatherette"
15.Section 25 -"Looking From A Hilltop"[/b]
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Postby GlamDude » Thu Oct 12, 2006 9:02 am

Some great songs you people have listed.(When I compile my next show,I will borrow your input) [8D]
Not in any particular order.

1.xpq 21 - White and alive (s.p.o.c.k. remix)
2.Ultravox - Reap the wild wind
3.File Not Found - The more you lose
4.NamNamBulu - Memories (Pearls of Dew Remix)
5.Bronski Beat - Junk
6.Flock of Seagulls - Its not me talking
7.Talk Talk - Talk Talk
8.OMD - Tesla Girls
9.Grendel - End Of Ages (Japscat Remix by Arzt+Pfusch)
10.Marc Almond - Tears run rings
11.Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf
12.Bronski Beat & Marc Almond - I Feel Love Johnny Remember Me (12'' Extented)
13.Depeche Mode - Black Celebration
14.Kraftwerk - Der Telefon Anruf
15.State Of The Union - Mankind
Switchin' to Glide
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Postby glokstadt » Thu Oct 19, 2006 4:38 am

There are way to many great crafted synth masterpieces, but a stab at like 15 I enjoy the most...

15. Phychic Youth - Step In Time
14. Yazoo - In My Room
13. Ultravox! - Love's Great Adventure
12. Simple Minds - Promised You A Miracle
11. Vicious Pink - 8:15 to Nowhere
10. Phil Lynott - Yellow Pearl
09. Depeche Mode Photographic (Some Bizarre Version)
08. Heaven 17 - Let Me Go
07. Simple Minds - Someone, Somewhere In Summertime
06. Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough (Schizo Mix)
05. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD) - Joan of Arc (Maid of Orleans)
04. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD) - Joan of Arc
03. Seona Dancing - More To Lose
02. Spoons - Nova Heart
01. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD) - Enola Gay

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