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Top 10 Other Songs by Supposedly One Hit Wonders

PostPosted: Tue Dec 16, 2008 2:41 pm
by Wayne
Tired of VH-1 and various magazines, radio stations, etc. talking about the top "one hit wonders" when you know they had other songs that were as good or better? Me too (even if they really did only have one hit) so I made this list of The Top 10 "Other" songs by these so called "One Hit Wonders":

1. Back In Flesh-Wall Of Voodoo
2. Are Friends Electric?-Gary Numan
3. Sex Dwarf-Soft Cell
4. Someone's Calling-Modern English
5. Europa and The Pirate Twins-Thomas Dolby
6. There There My Dear-Dexy's Midnight Runners
7. Wordy Rappinghood-Tom Tom Club
8. Brand New Lover-Dead Or Alive
9. We Care A Lot-Faith No More
10.C30 C60 C90 Go!-Bow Wow Wow

PostPosted: Fri Dec 19, 2008 5:39 pm
by glokstadt
[b]News At Ten - The Vapars
Good Girls Don't - The Knack

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