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13 new wave album surprises

PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 12:25 am
by baskervilles
This is a list of 13 albums that I found surprisingly great or underrated from the new wave era. My taste tends to lean towards pop wave more than dark wave.

Hopefully, I can turn a few people on to something new… er, old.

1) Television Personalities - And Don't The Kids Just Love It...
One of the best LPs ever - new wave reinvents the 60s. Great pop songs. Very unusual.

2) Henry Badowski - Life Is A Grand...
He sounds like Syd Barrett sings Brian Eno. Sorry I couldn’t find any samples

3) M - London Paris New York Munich ... re=related
I was never a big fan of Pop Musik, but I love this big, glitzy, funny, Eurotrashy LP.

4) Buggles - Age Of Plastic
This is an incredibly fun and beautifully produced album.

5) Chills - Kaleidoscope World
Great spooky pop.

6) Lio - Suite Sixtine
Produced by Telex with English lyrics by Sparks. Great Valley Girl music from Belgium with a touch of 60s French Pop.

7) Snivelling Shits - I Can't Come
A punk rock joke LP with writers and producers with some very good songs.

8) Dolly Mixture – Demonstration TApes ... re=related
This is a wonderful pop group. The Demonstration Tapes comp is outstanding.

9) Mo-Dettes – The Story So Far ... re=related
If you like White Mice, there are at least 5 other great songs from this album. It was also just reissued!

10) Monochrome Set- Volume Contrast Brilliance ... re=related

11) Attix Records – The Vaultage Punk Collection ... 328&sr=8-3
This is a nice little comp of obscure but very good new wave songs, mostly guitar oriented.

12) The Indie Scene 77 – 86

These were top notch cd comps of (mostly) UK indie singles by year. They were released (as CDs) in the early 90s. They are worth the $20 or $30 that people pay.

13) Feelies – Crazy Rhythms
I don’t know why this wonderful, moody classic has faded into obscurity.