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Freeez - Gonna Get You (Deluxe Expanded Edition)

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Freeez - Gonna Get You (Deluxe Expanded Edition)

Postby Luke » Tue Jul 19, 2011 7:52 pm

Hello, my name is Luke and this is my first message here on the NWO because I like this site so much.

Finally, on August 29 there is going to be a Deluxe Expanded Edition of the album Gonna Get You by Freeez. Most people know them from the mega hit in the summer of 1983 (I.O.U.). The release will contain 2 discs and will be released by SFE (Strike Force Entertainment), which belongs to Cherry Red. This will be the tracklisting:

Disc One

We Got The Juice
Can't Keep My Love
Love's Gonna Get You
Pop Goes My Love
Can You
Watch Me
Gonna Get You (Megamix)

Disc Two

I.O.U. (7" Version)
I Dub U (I don't know if this is the 7" or the 12" version!)
We Got The Jazz
Pop Goes My Love (7" Version)
Scratch Goes My Dub (7" Version)
Love's Gonna Get You (7" Version)
Love's Gonna Get You (Instrumental)
No Need For Greed (Part One)
No Need For Greed (Part Two)
I.O.U. (Megamix)
Scratch Goes My Dub (Full Version)
Love's Gonna Get You (Original Mix)
A Cappella U

We know that last year SFE was responsible for the 3-disc version of Blast (1st solo album by FGTH's Holly Johnson) and although it was a decent release, there were some vinyl rips on it which were very bad. (Holly's 2nd solo album will also be available on August 29 by SFE in a 3-disc version, but that's maybe another topic for someone else).

Now, I was worried by SFE that they will also use vinyl rips on this new edition (which, by the way, was NEVER released on CD before), so I send an email to SFE this week. A day later I got a reply from Barney Ashton and he said:

"Thanks for your recent e-mail.

Vinyl rips are used by SFE only when THERE IS NO SURVIVING MASTER - I can't speak on behalf of other labels but we include such tracks for the sake of completeness for the specialist collectors market. All the tracks on this re-issue are mastered from tapes hald by the originating company Beggars Banquet.

Best wishes, Barney"

Now that's good news, also because the original company (Beggars Banquet) is involved in providing the tapes. I hope this will satisfy a lot of people which are fans of Arthur Baker's/John Robie's music, especially Freeez, from 1983.

Cheers everybody! ;-)
Personal Jesus
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Joined: Tue Jul 19, 2011 7:20 pm

Postby surreal_eyed » Wed Aug 31, 2011 5:47 pm

Arrived today and I'm happy to report that no brickwalling has been used on this transfer and all seems to be from master tapes. I'm still listening to all of it on headphones and, unless I find some minor digital errors, SFE have done a great job with this release.

Oh, and it's the full I Dub U :-)
Take On Me
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