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Logic System in Tokyo- June 24, 2011

Post past and present concert & album reviews and interviews.

Logic System in Tokyo- June 24, 2011

Postby schwenko » Sun Jul 24, 2011 5:03 am

I've been meaning to post a short report on this concert but have hesitated due to a lack of a setlist (still not obtained[:(!])


I finally received the set list-

1)Turning Point
3)Automatic Collect, Automatic Correct
6)Domino Dance

tracks 2,4,5,6 are from the album "Logic" ++++

I happened to be in Tokyo in late June, which is basically when it is like a sauna, kind of like the weather in NYC the last few days!
I made it to the club known as Unit in the Daikanyama section (every storefront seemed to be a fancy Italian shoe store or French restaurant) of Shibuya, Tokyo.

I asked at the door when Logic System would come on, and was told that it would be another 2 hours, so that freed me up to hit Pizzakaya (the only edible pizza in Japan that I have found; the owner is a Californian ex-pat) in Roppongi for dinner.

When I got back to the club and went inside things did not look good. Everybody (except me) was smoking and there was no air conditioning. I almost walked out!

Thankfully the performance space was 2 levels down; it had pretty decent airconditioning, and was non-smoking[:)] I'd say that it was the size of Maxwell's. I was certainly the oldest person in attendance by far; pretty good crowd of polite, young nihonjin.

I waited about 10 minutes; a middle-aged man walked on stage- he was stocky, had salt and pepper hair and wore horn rimmed glasses. I assumed he was a roadie or stagehand.

Without saying a word he starts playing one of the synths set up on stage. It was Mr Logic System (Hideki Matsutake)himself!

The sounds he created were an incredible roar; then he turned around and started twiddling the knobs on the huge, ancient Moog at the back of the stage. This produced shrieking, squealing sounds; Godzilla in his death throes!

After a few minutes of that the music changed to a much more melodic and rhythmic style, with multiple songs following in a continuous mix- lots of blips and bleeps as well. I couldn't identify them, and the few vocals there were were distorted vocoder sounds. After about a half hour it was over. He may have waved and said goodbye, but that was it. It was fantastic.

I emailed him to inquire about a set list, and he replied with an equipment list- lost in translation I guess.

Definitely check out the album "Logic"; very YMOish.

He's playing again in the same part of Tokyo in September- who knows, maybe I'll go again; stranger things have happened. ... system.jpg

Sugoi !!!
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Postby Frau_Blucher » Sun Jul 24, 2011 6:51 am

Great stuff Schwenko. Congrats on being able to catch them there.
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