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Thomas Dolby NA Tour 2012 Map of the Floating City

Post past and present concert & album reviews and interviews.

Thomas Dolby NA Tour 2012 Map of the Floating City

Postby elektrikblu » Wed Apr 18, 2012 9:08 am

So were you there? I was. San Diego at Anthology. Great show. Mellow crowd. Thomas seemed a bit off in the distance at first. And his vocals were definitely tired. (wasn't hitting those higher notes:) But he opened up and started to have fun half way in. The genre-hopping was in full force with his chosen set list but he didn't ignore why his 80s fans are still in alignment. Good set list. His final encore song I wasn't familiar with and thought he could have gone out on a much higher note but hey. If you were at another show or this one, chime in with any adds or color. Cheers!

Here's the set list for Anthology - San Deigo 4/16 @7:30:pm:

Commercial Breakup
One of Our Submarines
The Flat Earth
Evil Twin Brother
Love is a Loaded Pistol
My Brain is like a Sieve
Road to Reno
Toad Lickers
I scare myself
I love you Goodbye
Europa and the Pirate Twins
She Blinded Me with Science

Spice Train
Silk Pyjamas

"Don't look at the carpet/ I drew something awful on it/ See."
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Postby DJ Wave » Sat Apr 21, 2012 12:57 pm

I caught The Time Capsule Tour on March 31st

http://retropolis-withdjwave.blogspot.c ... -tour.html

Your stop was one of the last 2 dates in the US, and I believe San Diego was two performances on one night. Could explain the vocals and the fact that it was a whirl wind tour thru the US with 23 shows in 30 days!

"Silk Pyjamas" is from Astronauts & Heretics, which also has "I Love You Goodbye" being my all time favorite Dolby song with a sweet spot meaning.

He was fantastic, just as good as I had seen in the 80's. Too bad the venue was a wrong fit for him...he should have played FTC instead of Ridgefield Playhouse. [;)]

In his own geeky way He's sort of sexy...yes I said sexy! [:I]
DJ Wave
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