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Peter Murphy tour/show Brooklyn this Sunday 8/26

Post past and present concert & album reviews and interviews.

Peter Murphy tour/show Brooklyn this Sunday 8/26

Postby longtrain999 » Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:33 am

Just joined the board, was wondering if anybody
on here is from NY area or nearby and planning on
attending the Peter Murphy concert this Sunday
in E. Williamsburg, Brooklyn at this new venue
called The Well. I'll be there for sure.
I saw the thread from last year's tour 2011
on here so figured there have to be some fans
left on here from NY-CT-NJ-LI areas. There
wasn't much response on the Roll Call Peter
Murphy board most of those folks are from out
in L.A. or elsewhere than NY it appears.
if anybody is up for hanging pre-show I'm game!
They're also offering $80 VIP meet-and-greet tickets
but you have to order special from the regular tickets
via the venue's page The Well or via link from
Peter's official web site. This is described
as an "intimate" venue tour to finish off the 2011
tour promoting the album Ninth, and starts
at 4-5 p.m. early show with at least two opening
acts who I am not familiar with at all.
I saw Peter twice last year and the second show
in Huntington, Long Island at new venue The Paramount
was ABYSMAL, terrible opening acts, terrible audio
issues all night, and no encores and no audience,
since the place only sold about 180 tickets at best
for Peter. Let's hope the Brooklyn show is a million
times better than THAT debacle.

Running Up That Hill
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Postby schwenko » Mon Aug 27, 2012 3:38 am

how was it? (I didn't go, so am curious)

Sugoi !!!
Room at the Top
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Postby longtrain999 » Mon Aug 27, 2012 5:21 am

It was a bloody good gig, night and day first of all
from that awful, depressing debacle last year in Huntington LI,
which that venue (Paramount it sucks) and the show
should be heretofore stricken from the record.
Last night still wasn't all that packed, I hate to say it,
maybe 200-300 people tops, but at least we got a rousing
good show and the audio was good even though it was
outdoors. problem is I hate Williamsburg more or less
and I hate E. Williamsburg even more it's so pretentious
and like hipster nonsense, SUCH an attitude,
I cannot tolerate too much time there,
but the show itself was good...minus the opening bands
which were RUBBISH. and the venue was kinda rubbish a
barren wasteland outdoor "deck" with port a toilets
and no indoor facilities and I didn't get a $80 VIP
ticket because I didn't feel like blowing the $
and other hardcore fans told me they didn't either,
given how expensive it was. So I was not alone in that.
The show was great, all the favorites, new tunes
from Ninth and Secret Bees, and Bauhaus tracks like
Stigmata and In The Flat Field, Silent Hedges,
and encores of Ziggy Stardust and All Night Long etc.
Peter's new band was on-point tonight, and so was
Peter, and it was cool that it was outdoors I guess
but I would have preferred indoors myself. But
all told it erased last year's bad LI memory from
my brain the show last night was THAT good.
Peter's final line tongue in cheek was "and YOU were there"
and..." Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!" haha indeed.
Peter still has it no matter what anybody says and
he was in fine voice as well last night.
The crowd was weird mix of old goths and old hardcore
fans and club billyburg scene kids in some cases
trying to dress like it was 1984 at some bondage
club all over again. Very bizarre cross-section but seemingly
a mainly Peter-attuned crowd, maybe minus the two
chatty Cathys who had a loud convo. the whole first half
near the sound mixing desk near where I was first
standing. Guys, this ain't Starbucks! If you wanna
have a coffee klatsch go there instead, please!
Running Up That Hill
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Postby djcraig » Tue Aug 28, 2012 1:29 am

Georgie... is, that, you?

<a href="">DJ Craig</a>
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Postby DJ Phoenix » Thu Sep 06, 2012 10:55 am

[quote][i]Originally posted by longtrain999[/i]
<br> The show was great, all the favorites, new tunes from Secret Bees,

What is "secret bees" is that a new PM record, please explain?

"Keepin the '80s alive!"
DJ Phoenix
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Postby longtrain999 » Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:02 am

In answer to latest post, yeah Peter
put out Ninth the latest studio album
last year and then put out a kind of digital
EP "The Secret Bees of Ninth" which contained
a few spare tracks non-LP including some really
strong stuff that I almost wish had been on
the actual album (which I was lukewarm on myself)!
A really standout track from that is "Gaslight"
which is a new song that Peter did the other night
in Brooklyn and it was PHENOMENAL. There's also
the new Dali's Car "EP" which is bittersweet, since
of course Mick Karn passed away last year of
cancer and I don't think Peter and Mick had the chance
to properly finish the album they'd planned, but
the new Dali's Car EP (for lack of a better term)
is five tracks long, it's pretty good even if it
will ever be a kind of "work in progress". I don't
know if Secret Bees is available on CD or only
via Peter's site and/or probably iTunes/Amazon
for downloading. Apparently Peter's planning
a Halloween special "Miracula" (a la Dracula? Count
Chocula?) VIP event in Los Angeles in October,
but I'm afraid to find out how much that will cost,
and I'm not in L.A., alas.
The new reissue of Should The World Fail to Fall
Apart Peter's 1986 solo album is a must-own
for the second disc of b-sides 12" singles and remixes
and unreleased tracks including a cool Bowie
cover of "Stay" (off Station to Station)
which I'd never heard before. I finally also
just picked up the Station To Station Deluxe
Reissue box, which is of course a must-own as well
if you're into Bowie at all.
Running Up That Hill
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