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Trading List, as follows:

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Trading List, as follows:

Postby n/a20 » Mon Jun 12, 2006 1:40 pm

Many of these are new, all are in great condition. If I'm forgetting anything about the quality, I'll bring it up before a trade is complete. I'm happy to consider CD-Rs in trade. I've tried to divide this list by starting with older discs and reissues, followed by more recent bands working a new-wave vibe. Nearly all of these are available for trade at a 1:1 ratio. It's pretty obvious which few discs are more rare, and might require some wheeling and dealing. You can contact me with your trade list at Selling66 -at- Thanks for your interest...

The Jack Rubies: See The Money In My Smile
Dislocation Dance: Midnight Shift (Vinyl Japan reissue)
Fortunate Sons (Chris Wilson): Cyril Says Hi!
McCarthy: I Am A Wallet/Banking, Violence....
Jay Clarkson: Packet (Flying Nun comp)
Stiff Little Fingers: Go For It (2004 Ryko reissue)
The Truth: Jump
Red Letter Day: Best of 1985-1999
Young Canadians: No Escape (22-trk comp)
V/A: Enigma Variations 2
The Modes: 1980-1986 (CD-R w/ complete artwork)
Eight Seconds: Almancantar
Eggplant: Anarok Twat
The Cucumbers: s/t
Daryl Hall & John Oates: X-Static
V/A: Living In Oblivion, Vol. Two
Big Star: Third/Sister Lovers ('92 Rykodisc)
Stockholm Monsters: Alma Mater Plus
Scritti Politti: Early (13-trk comp)
The Balancing Act: Curtains
Flux of Pink Indians: Not So Indian (18 tracks)
The Sherbs: Defying Gravity (cut-out)
Droogs: Kingdom Day
Full Fathom Five: Multinational Pop Conglomerate
Le Rita Mitsouko: Marc & Robert (w/ Mael Bros. tunes)
V/A: "Rikky and Pete" Original Sountrack (various ex-Enz)
Foolkillers: Out Of State Miracle (16-track ltd edtn CD-R)
Nikki & The Corvettes: s/t (16-track comp)
Spoons: Collectible (14-track comp)
Schell Fenster: The Sound of Trees
The 27 Various: Approximately
Sid Luscious & The Pants: Life, Style...
Dislocation Dance: Music Music Music (Vinyl Japan reissue)
Salem 66: Natural Disasters, National Treasures
Andy & Leslie Zwerling: Somewhere Near Pop Heaven (2-disc set, '73-'87)
Be Bop Deluxe: Postcards... (18-track comp)
EBTG: Like the Deserts... (16-track comp)
10cc: Bloody Tourists
Ian Hunter: s/t (2005 reissue)
Chris Spedding: Friday the 13th
Men Without Hats: No Hats Beyond This Point
Rational Youth: Cold War Night Life
David J: On Glass (15-track comp)
Strawberry Story: Clamming For It
Voice of the Beehive: Best (18 tracks)
The Bluebells: Second (Vinyl Japan reissue)
Diesel Park West: King of Ghosts (20-track demo comp)
Plasticland: Make Yourself... (30-track Ryko comp)
Pet Shop Boys: PopArt (2-disc, 35-track comp)
Marshmallow Overcoat: Try On.../Inner Groove/B-sides (24 tracks)
Mutants: Fun Terminal (23 tracks)
Vivabeat: The Good Life
Tim Lee: '83-'93 (2-discs; 30 tracks)
Angie Pepper/Passengers: It's Just That I Miss You, '82-'84
Penetration: Best Of (21 tracks)
Translator: Different Time (14-track CD-R, sold only at reunion shows)
Strange Advance: Over 60 Minutes With...
It Bites: The Best Of... (16 tracks)
Dumptruck: Haul of Fame (20-track comp)

The Bluetones: Expecting To Fly
Pinko Pinko: Fashion Is Your Only Culture
The New Cars: It's Alive
Edwyn Collins: Doctor Syntax
Rick Springfield: Shock/Denial...
Round Table: Domino
The Church: El Momento Descuidado
Candidate: Nuada
V/A: 22-track dB's tribute
Dodgy: Ace A's & Killer B's
Kasabian: s/t
Shed Seven: The Collection (17 tracks)
Feeder: Echo Park
Blank Faces: Funny Pages
My Dad Is Dead: The Engine of Commerce
The Contrast: Forget To Tell The Time
The Carpet Frogs: Frog Curry
John Cale: blackAcetate
Would-Be Goods: The Morning After
Orange Humble Band: Any Way You Want It
Titanic Love Affair: s/t
The Gentle Waves: The Green Field sof Forevermoreland
Luke Haines: The Oliver Twist Manifesto
Europa 51: Abstractions (ex-Stereolab)
Embrace: Fireworks (Singles 1997-2002)
Switchin' to Glide
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