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It's time to sell records again...some obscure

PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2007 1:48 pm
by ocean
Just started listing on e-bay again (search under seller i.d. "sckcomf")....this time I hope to keep the listings going even though I'm tiring of e-bay fees. Hopefully, someone might find something worthwhile over the coming months as I try to sell of a large portion of my vinyl. Here is a glimpse of some of the 80's stuff currently listed: COLOUR CODE (AUTOGRAPHED), IT'S ALL OVER (RARE FLORIDA BAND FROM 87), I SHOOK HANDS, KINDERGARTEN, LIMITED WARRANTY (EARLY ELEMENTS EP), FAITH GLOBAL, M OVER M, HUBERT KAH, RED WEDDING, EYES OF GOD, PLAY, MARGINAL ERA (AUSSIE SYNTH-WAVE), STRANGE ARRANGEMENT, BURNING SENSATIONS (AUTOGRAPHED), FALCO (AUTOGRAPHED), THE VOICES, SURRENDER DOROTHY, ALTERNATIVE RADIO, MAKIN TIME, MAGIC DE SPELL (RARE LP FROM 85), MODULATORS (RARE LP FROM 83), 3 TEENS KILL 4, +1 (RARE FULL LP - same band that does "Nevermore"), DARK FACADE (GREAT MILWAUKEE SYNTH-WAVE FROM 85), PASSIONATE FRIENDS ( 2 7 INCH SINGLES OF SYNTH-WAVE)....much more to come - take a look....thanks for tolerating the advertisement.