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eBay - 600+ CD's incl many rare 80's & 90s!

Post your vinyl, CD's or memorabilia for sale or your wants list here (no CD-R's please).

eBay - 600+ CD's incl many rare 80's & 90s!

Postby Fred Taghon » Sat Feb 21, 2009 11:25 pm

Tough economic times call for tough choices. I am selling 70% of my own personal CD collection that I have built up since 1987. That's nearly 700 cd's - most from the 80's and 90's, most are very collectible cd-singles domestic and import. I was a club dj from 1997-2001 so there is a good amount of late 90s and early 2000s dance/club/trance cd-singles as well.

Check them out. I am over half-way done posting - I am on starting on "M"s tonight!!!! Should have EVERYTHING up by Monday. Help me keep a roof over my head!! ;-)

Here is a list of ALL the artist that I will be selling:

3rd Party
A.D.A.M. featuring Amy
A*Teens X6 (incl. 5 cd-singles - all are ABBA related)
Paula Abdul X2
Agnelli & Nelson X3
Alex Party
Alice Deejay X2
All Seeing I featuring Philip Oakey (of The Human League) X2
Altered Images X2
Animotion (Best of with remixes)
Apollo Four-Forty X2
Aquagen X2
Arling & Cameron
The Art Of Noise
The Assembly
Rick Astley X2
The B-52's X7
Baby Bumps X2
Bananarama X11
Karl Bartos (of Kraftwerk - see also Elektric Music and Electric Music!)
Basement Jaxx X2
Toni Basil
Lou Bega
Andy Bell (of Erasure)
The Beloved X3
Benny Benassi
Berlin X2
Big Time Charlie
Bjork X4
Black & White Brothers
Blancmange (Canadian "Second Helpings" w/ remixes)
Bloodhound Gang
Betty Boo
Book Of Love X9 (several cd-singles and albums)
Boomtang Boys
David Bowie
Boxcar X10 (several cd-singles + Revision and Algorhythm albums)
Boy George X2
Brooklyn Bounce
Pete Byrne (of Naked Eyes)
C&C Music Factory X2
Camouflage X4
Irene Cara ("What A Feelin'" w/ bonus remixes)
Belinda Carlisle X2 (incl. "A Place On Earth" 2disc Best of w/ remixes)
Cause & Effect
Cher X5
Chicane X4
Chili HiFly
Clear Static
Client X6
Cocteau Twins
Phil Collins (12"ers)
Cooler Kids X2
Cornershop X2
Crystal Method
Culture Club (12" Mixes Plus)
The Cure X5
Gigi D'Agostino
Daft Punk
Dario G X4
DAT Oven
Dead Or Alive X8 (incl 1 cd-single of Glam with Pete Burns!)
Cathy Dennis
Depeche Mode X10 (incl 3-disc limited edition "Remixes 81...04")
Destiny's Child
Devo X5 (incl. "Pioneers..." anthology & "Oh No! It's Devo" w/ bonus tracks)
Die Warzau X3 (incl. 2 cd-singles)
Celine Dion
Dirty Vegas
DJ Encore
DJ Jurgen
Duffy ("Mercy" cd-single w/ video)
Duran Duran X4 (incl. 2 cd-singles)
Eiffel 65 X5 (incl. 4 rare cd-singles)
Electric Light Orchestra (2disc best of)
Electric Music (Karl Bartos of Kraftwerk - see also Elektric Music!)
Electronic X3 (cd-singles)
Elektric Music (Karl Bartos of Kraftwerk) X3 (rare cd-singles)
Enigma X2
Enya X2
Erasure X20 (incl rare cd-singles and fan club only cd's)
Eurythmics X10 (incl. rare cd-singles)
Exposé (Greatest Dance Mixes)
Eyes Cream
Fatboy Slim X2
The Fixx (rare cd-single)
The Flirts X5 (incl. albums and hits w/ remixes)
A Flock Of Seagulls X3
Fortran 5 (rare cd-single)
Fragma X2
Frankie Goes To Hollywood (rare "Relax" 2001 remixes cd-single)
Front 242 X6 (incl. several cd-singles)
Funky Green Dogs
Peter Gabriel
Dave Gahan (of Depeche Mode) X2
Garbage (cd-single)
Gary Numan (rare "Cars" cd-single)
Debbie Gibson
Go-Go's X6 (all rare cd-singles)
Goldfrapp X8 (cd-singles)
Martin Gore (of Depeche Mode)
Go West X2 (incl remixes)
Eddy Grant (2001 "Electric Avenue" cd-single)
Green Velvet
The Grid (feat Dave Ball of Soft Cell) (rare "Swamp Thing" cd-single)
Groove Armada
Ground Control vs. Peter Schilling (rare "Major Tom" 2000 cd-single)
Hall & Oates X2 (album remasters with bonus remixes)
Heaven 17 X9 (incl many rare cd-singles and remix albums)
Hope (rare "Tree Frog" cd-single)
Hubert Kah X2 (incl remix album)
The Human League (see also All Seeing I) X15 (all are cd-singles!)
Billy Idol
iiO X3 (cd-singles)
Infernal X2 (cd-singles)
Information Society X11 (incl 3 albums and 8 rare cd-singles)
Ivan (of Men Without Hats)
Janet Jackson X3
Michael Jackson X13 (many cd-singles - great 1995 remix of "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'!")
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Howard Jones X6
Chaka Khan (rare Japanese "Perfect Fit" remix cd)
The Knife X3 (cd-singles)
Kon Kan X2
Krafwerk X2 (see also Karl Bartos, Electric Music & Elektric Music)
George Kranz (see also Pulsedrive vs. George Kranz) (cd-single)
Ladytron X4 (incl. 2 cd-singles)
Cyndi Lauper X5 (incl. 3 cd-singles and "The Best Remixes" Japan cd)
Lazard (cd-single of cover of "Living On Video")
Paul Lekakis X3 (incl 1992 "Boom Boom" and 1990 "My House" cd-singles)
Annie Lennox (see also Eurythmics) X2 (cd-singles)
Level 42 (remix cd)
Lexy & K-Paul
Lock N Load
London Bus Stop
Madison Avenue X3 (cd-singles)
Madonna X46 (my entire Madonna cd-singles collection!)
Ricky Martin X2 (cd-singles)
Paul McCartney
Ian McCulloch (of Echo & Bunnymen) (cd-single)
Meco (Best of incl. "Star Wars" disco version)
Men At Work X2 (incl remaster w/ bonus tracks)
Men Without Hats X2 (see also Ivan)
George Michael X5
Midnight Star X2 ("Freak-A-Zoid", "Operator" etc)
Robert Miles (cd-single)
Milli Vanilli
Kylie Minogue (cd-single)
Mirwais (cool promo cd-single)
Missing Persons
Miss Jane (cd-single cover of Opus III's "It's A Fine Day")
Modern English (cd-single)
Alison Moyet (see also Yaz / Yazoo)
Mr. Oizo
Neuroactive (cd-single)
New Order X11 (incl 9 cd-singles)
Olivia Newton-John X2
Stevie Nicks (mega limited 2007 remix cd-single)
Nine Inch Nails X7 (many cd-singles)
Nitzer Ebb X2 (incl USA cd-single)
Novy vs. Eniac
Sinead O'Connor X2 (incl Japan "Emperor's New Clothes" CD5 with rare remixes!)
Olive X2
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD) X5 (incl cd-single)
One 2 Many (rare 1988 US promo cd-single for "Downtown")
Opus III X5 (incl 3 rare cd-singles)
Kelly Osbourne
Passion Fruit
Peach Union (aka Peach) (cd-single)
Pet Shop Boys X26 (my entire PSB cd-singles collection!)
Pointer Sisters (best of w/ remixes)
The Police
Prince X5
Prince And The Revolution X3
Propellerheads (rare US promo cd-single)
Pulsedriver (cd-single cover of Kim Wilde's "Cambodia")
Pulsedriver vs. George Kranz (see also George Kranz)
Pussy Tourette
Qkumba Zoo (cd-single)
Quad City Dj's
Rational Youth X2 (all kinds of bonus tracks and remixes!)
Real Life X2 (incl Best Of and rare "Kiss The Ground" cd-single)
Real McCoy
Recoil (Alan Wilder of Depeche Mode)
Red Flag X6 (incl albums and rare "Russian Radio" and "Machines" cd-singles)
Republica X2 (cd-singles)
Right Said Fred (cd-single)
Diana Ross
Safri Duo X2
Scissor Sisters
Shakespear's Sister X4
The Shame X2
Siouxsie & The Banshees (cd-single)
Soft Cell X5
Soho (US Promo cd-single)
Sonique X3
Soup Dragons
Space Raiders X2
Sparks X3 (incl. 2 rare cd-singles)
Sugar Ray
Sunscream X2 (cd-singles)
Talking Heads
Tears For Fears
Nolan Thomas (rare Canadian "Yo' Little Brother" cd with bonus remixes)
Thompson Twins X7
The Time
Touch And Go
Transvission Vamp
Tina Turner X2
Ian Van Dahl
Woody Van Eyden
Armand Van Helden X2
Vengaboys X5 (cd-singles)
Way Out West
When In Rome X2 (incl mega rare USA cd "More Than 12"")
Jane Wiedlin
Kim Wilde X5 (incl German "Teases And Dares" cd and 3 cd-singles)
Robbie Williams
Wonderland Avenue (cd-single of "White Horse" - cover of Laid Back)
Yazoo / Yaz X9 (incl. several cd-singles)
Various Artists:
Future Retro (compilation of 2006 remixes of 80's hits)
Retro:Active (volumes 1-6) (compilations of rare 12" mixes)
'80s Dance Gold (2 disc set featuring many 12" mixes)
Fred Taghon
The Jet Set
Posts: 693
Joined: Fri Aug 03, 2007 2:43 am
Location: USA

Postby Fred Taghon » Mon Feb 23, 2009 4:52 pm

Just FYI, I just finished posting all my items on eBay. 685 CDs and CD-singles and 11 VHS video tapes (old Depeche Mode, Erasure and Pet Shop Boys video tapes). Thanks for taking a look...
Fred Taghon
The Jet Set
Posts: 693
Joined: Fri Aug 03, 2007 2:43 am
Location: USA

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