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More records for sale:

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More records for sale:

Postby DJ Phoenix » Wed Jan 27, 2010 4:52 pm

Need to pay some bills......the more you buy, the better the deal. Any interest, lmk via PM. All of these are clean throughout...unless noted. Or, make me an offer on anything you see here.

Kon Kan-I Beg Your pardon-singe-cut out-$3
Communards-Dont leave me this way-single-pc-$3
U2-Pride(In the name of love)-single-UK-pc-$10
Re-Flex-Politics of Dancing-single-pc-$4
Tom Tom Club-may w/the 4 way-lp-$4
Police-Dont stand so close to me-single-pc-$4
Janet Jackson-Love will never do-single-pc-$3
Madonna-Burnin up-pc-single-$5
Kool Moe Dee-They Want money-single-pc-sealed-$5
Wide Boy Awake-Billy Hyaena-pc-single-$5
Yes-Owner of a lonely heart-single-cut out-$3
Lena Lovich-New Toy(signed)-single-pc-$10
Falco-Wiener Blut-cutout-single-$5
Human League-Human-single-pc-$5
Tom Tom Club-lp-pc-$5
Elvis Costello-Getting mighty-UK-single-pc-$5
Soft Cell-What-single-pc-$4
The Primitives-Buzz-pc-single-UK-$5
New Order-Shell shock-pc-UK-$4
New Order-Fine Time-pc-single-$4
Tom Tom Club-Under the boardwalk-pc-single-$5
Berlin-From the Savoy NYC Live-7/23/83-2 lps-pc(US Festival)-$10
Belouise Some-Imagination-pc-single-$4
Comsat Angels-Eye of the lenz-pc-single-$4
Peter Murphy-Cuts You Up-single-pc(some cover wear)-$5
The Cult-She sells sanctuary-pc-single-$5
Falco-Sound of music-pc-single-Holland Pressing-$7
TSOL-Dance w/me-lp-pc(some slight cover wear)-$5
The Alarm-The Deceiver-pc-single-UK-$5
Data-Blow-single-pc-$5(b/w promo)
The Smiths-"Ask"-pc-single-$10
PIL-Question mark-single-UK-$7
PIL-The Flowers of romance-lp-pc-$10
PIL-Happy Warrior-single-pc-$7
Beastie Boys(w/Hurricane)Stick 'em up-single-pc-$5
The Creatures-Abstinence-single-cut out-$6
ABC-How to be a zillionaire-single-cut out-UK-$5
The Cure-Pictures of you-cut out-single-$5
Communards-Never can say goodbye-single-(w/wrap)-pc-UK-$5
Ministry-Over the shoulder-single-pc-$5
Revolting Cocks-You often forget-pc-UK(slight cover wear)-$10
REM-Shiny Happy People-single-cutout-promo-$5
The Cure-Never enough-pc-single-$5
Blow Monkeys-Atomic Lulllaby-single-pc-UK-$5
NIN-Pic disc(78rpm)-The Hand That rocks-$7

"Keepin the '80s alive!"
DJ Phoenix
Room at the Top
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