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More records for sale pt 3:

PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2010 4:30 pm
by DJ Phoenix
LMK if anything catches your eye. ALL of these are vg throughout on vinyl/cover, unless noted. Make me an offer on anything here:

Bananarama-Hotline To Heaven-single-pc-UK
Bananarama-Robert DeNiro's Wedding-single-pc
Bananarama-Love in the first degree-single-pc
Bananarama-Deep Sea Skiving-lp-pc
Bananarama-Love, Truth & honesty-single-pc
Duran Duran-The Reflex-single-pc-UK
Duran Duran-Save A Prayer-single-pc-UK
Durab Duran-The Wild Boys-single-pc-UK
Duran Duran-Is there something I should know?-single/pc-UK
Duran Duran-Planet Earth-single/pc-UK
Love & Rockets-Ball of confusion-single-pc
After The Fire-Der Kommissar-single-cut out
Pete Shelley-Homosapein-single-cut out
Siouxsie and the Banshees-Fear of the unknown-single-pc
Men W/O Hats-I Get the Message-single-pc-UK
New Order-Blue Monday-single-pc
Inspiral Carpets-lp-pc
Falco-Rock Me Amadeus-single-cut out
Fine Young Cannibals-Good thing-single-cut out
Shriekback-Flesh below the ice-single-pc
Sister Sledge-We Are Family '93 remixes-pc-UK
Renegade Sound Wave-Probably a bobby-pc-canadian pressing
Ministry-Land of rape & honey-lp-pc
Janet Jackson-Nasty-single-pc
Soho-Hippy Chick-cut out-promo only
New Order-True Faith-single-pc-UK
Renegade Sound Wave-Kray Twins-single-pc-UK
New Order-Subculture-single-cut out

"Keepin the '80s alive!"