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Hi everybody, a newbie selling Jeafr !

PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2014 12:06 am
by hikikomori

I am a newbie here, I live in France near Paris, I am a bookseller (rare books from 19 and 20th and artists books) ; I like vinyls records from 70's and 80's (my youth :-(

I found in a "vide-greniers" the Jeafr "Blues d'un Blanc". The record and sleeve are absolutely perfect, moreover it's signed on the back (of the sleeve !) by three of the four members of the band...

I am planning to sell it on Ebay, but I prefer to warn everybody here before... In my opinion, bids on Ebay are the best way to "make" the price... It's not on line, i will send another post when it's done ; of course you can send your offers by MP, i will consider them !

See you soon !