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Ice Choir (like: glossy mid-'80s synthpop)

Discussions about the new generations of bands influenced by '80s New Wave and Postpunk

Ice Choir (like: glossy mid-'80s synthpop)

Postby thegoldenyear » Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:06 pm

Ice Choir's a Pains Of Being Pure At Heart spinoff led by drummer Kurt Feldman. Suddenly he's singing, playing synths and guitar, and it may be a classic case of the guy in the back row being the most talented member.

An EXCELLENT match for fans of the lush 1983-86 vein mined by Nick Heyward (North Of A Miracle), Prefab Sprout (Steve McQueen), Scritti Politti (Cupid & Psyche 85), Tears For Fears (Curt Smith's leads, anyway), China Crisis (What Price Paradise) and Bill Nelson (Getting The Holy Ghost Across). There's little doubt in my mind Feldman's got all these records in his collection. There's even fretless bass on a few tracks, fer crissakes.

It's a gorgeous record with some of the most satisfying singing from out of the indie pack in quite some time. The caveat is the LP ([i]Afar[/i]) could stand a few more sculpted, sharp choruses, but it's so vibrant and pop-friendly it actually registers as a minor quibble.

I'll give three clips - the first is my favourite, although it hasn't an official video yet. The next two have been released as singles/videos.

I Want You Now And Always

Two Rings

A Vision Of Hell, 1996

----Len in Toronto

Take On Me
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Postby empyrean » Sat Sep 01, 2012 12:43 pm

I heard their music and did'nt know it was led by Feldman.

Great synthpop tunes. Hopefully they get released in the Philippines

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Room at the Top
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Postby popreactor » Sat Sep 01, 2012 9:31 pm

I gave it a listen few times and the only thing that was left was the song "Teletrips". All the others sounded the same.
The Jet Set
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