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Azure Blue new sophomore album

Discussions about the new generations of bands influenced by '80s New Wave and Postpunk

Azure Blue new sophomore album

Postby empyrean » Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:36 am

FEBRUARY 27, 2013
Azure Blue - Beyond the Dreams There’s Infinite Doubt (Album announcement)

Azure Blue, the ongoing solo project of “swindie” veteran Tobias Isaksson, of whom has been busying himself in the studio with Claes Björklund aka “Midnight Ruler” (iamamiwhoami), just recently tied up his sophomore effort. Revealing the title of the album as “Beyond the Dreams There’s Infinite Doubt”, Isaksson who himself has been the recipient of Sweden’s prestigious Manifest awards (the Grammys of Swedish indie) for his work on his previous album “Rule of Thirds”, promises an album with a new fiery spirit contrasting it with the modern romantic prose of the last. Expect a new single in March and the release of “Beyond the Dreams There’s Infinite Doubt” some time in May on Hybris. Read what Tobias had to say earlier on finishing the album:

I’m very happy to announce that my sophomore album has been mixed and the mixes approved by me and Hybris. Only mastering remains. One of my colleges at Hybris (who of course is still the main label) said “this record can be sent directly to Sophia Coppola as soundtrack to her next film” and the other said “this is a Complete Album”. If this sounds like bragging I’m sorry, it was no walk in the park. Three weeks of day and night work in the studio – and in the middle of it a tour of Italy – but we came through. Once again I want to thank Claes Björklund for his great ears and solid work with me in the studio. It’s a pleasure to work with him. Like synth therapy. There has only been a few guests on the record but I want to thank them all later on in the sleeve. Right now I’m preparing for a live set in Stockholm that you can read about on the Facebook page. New material guaranteed. More about release dates soon. XX

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