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Songs You Forgot About!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2003 12:33 pm
by Jimbo
I'm sure that everybody here has heard of the band D-Day from their song "Too Young To Date", but there is probibly one that you heard and enjoyed in its day called "Right To Know". "Right To Know" came out in 1981 and got decent airplay for about a year on KROQ and probibly 91-X as well. It also seems to have been played on Dallas radio station 94.5 The Edge.
It was only released as a 7" 45rpm single but never made it on to D-Day's one and only self titled album.

The MP3 elves sent me this song in my E-Mail today in 256 bit glory. :)

It has also found its way to the "Wave Fanatics Hotline Server" under the uploads section. You will need the Hotline file sharing client.
server is:
Login: wavefan
Password: newwaver

PostPosted: Tue Apr 29, 2003 11:13 am
by newwavr176209
They upload mp3s to that site all the time (there are now 600+ added on to the orginal 200+ song, Not inclucing mixes!!). Ive been downloading for forever off that server. It is really awsome. If your reading this, download Hotline and check it out.


PostPosted: Tue Apr 29, 2003 11:16 am
by newwavr176209
other note:
You can get to this site and others like it through (sp?)
there are other synthpop/mp3 sites.

In case you havent heard: One of the greatest rare new wave sites has shut down a while back. WXB102 mp3 is no longer on the net.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2003 10:22 am
by Spaz
Can someone help me get onto this and download? I tried to figure it out last night but to no avail. I was very frustrated....

PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2003 10:53 am
by Jimbo
1. Go to the Wave Fanatics home page.
2. When that loads, click on the "Our MP3 and FTP Sites" on the left hand side.
3. Click on the Big Red H icon (on the site) to download the shareware client.
4. When that is downloaded and installed connect to the

PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2003 12:07 pm
by Jimbo
Do you know if the Hotline Client has any spyware or cycle-suckers on it?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2003 1:08 pm
by Jimbo
Not that I can tell. I am sitting behind a firewall and a router so I'm sure I would have seen something by now.

"I now inform you that you are too far from reality"
The New Wave Information Minister

PostPosted: Thu May 22, 2003 10:03 am
by qwas789
Been awhile since I`ve visiting NVOpost and happy to see this forum. Alvy, Hotline does seem suspicious regarding spyware. I`ll check it out in the next few days cause I am curious too.