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SHARE: NEW WAVE (Peru, Spain, Brasil, Argentina And Chile)

PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2018 10:35 am
by rodolfodelseg
Hi Everyone:

This is my 2nd contribution of this day,. so.... i'd like to share some groups that i've been listening for a long time:

1) From Peru

Miki Gonzales - Primavera Especial (Special Spring): (from "Tantas Veces" record 1987, sounds like Cure's Hanging Garden song... Don't you think?)!wg8niYwZ!KhAIj6WBhAWE ... mrRGDI00sg

2) From Spain

Azul y Negro - Hombre Lobo (Werewolf) (this is in English and is really great!!! a great synth song)!pst2BR7Q!emS2TiYinnLI ... oyDzaNfh4s

3) From Argentina

Los Twist - Viendolo (Seeing it) (1987, this is a Gem really great so beautiful just listen the melody.... oh my god a great great timeless song) - one of my all time favorites -!NgVRSYCI!V25NG5VAC-Ry ... UeAQrLNLrk

4) From Brasil

Legiao Urbana - Indios (Indians) (from 1986, i remebered this son dancing ina new wave club in Lima - Peru - When i was a teenager really great song that makes you relax!p1VF2YyA!DAeosrFSOxOw ... Ch87ACp16Q

5) From Chile

Los Prisioneros - Muevan las Industrias (move the industries) (from 1986, classig synth song from this song)!40Ng3TzL!uXNPHMH59BWL ... avFwekSo4M

Like i Said, music is UNIVERSAL!! enjoy them


Re: SHARE: NEW WAVE (Peru, Spain, Brasil, Argentina And Chil

PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2018 7:14 pm
by paulinhodaleonira
Cool. Mega is the better to share. The majority of members upload in Sendspace, but Sendspace delete the files after 1 month.