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REQ: Anything Box "Soul On Fire" Promo CDS

PostPosted: Sun May 20, 2018 4:32 pm
by Fred Taghon
I'm wondering if anyone here might have the USA Promo CDS of "Soul On Fire" by Anything Box from 1990? If so, can I sweet talk ya into sharing it in WAV or FLAC? ... ase/207626

I've got the "Living In Oblivion" and "Jubilation" promos but I keep forgetting about this one. It only has 2 "rare" tracks (I believe Tracks 1&2 are just the album versions) and I don't think Track 3 is much different other than a short spoken intro. And Track 4 was included on their "Mixology.1" CD which I have. But I'd still like to have it in my collection if I can.

Thanks for looking and for helping if ya can!