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Dane Conover [Trees] responds to the leak of his songs here

Discuss hard-to-find or out-of-print New Wave and '80s Alternative, and share a few songs along the way.
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Dane Conover [Trees] responds to the leak of his songs here

Postby postpunkmonk » Mon May 06, 2019 12:55 pm

Caveat: I think the Trees CD is fantastic. It's the kind of thing that I love to make in CD-R for myself and enjoy. But it was made commercially, so I repeat my kudos to Rubellan Remasters for taking the steps to make what is by any reckoning a fantastic reissue of a crucial album taken to the nth degree.

As we know, Scott Davies was in negotiation to produce another disc of Dane Conover's music but that broke down. Scott has detailed his reasons why in this forum and he responded by leaking material from the cancelled project elsewhere in this forum. This took me by surprise, as I noted in my response to this action in his thread with the link to download.

I was on record on the thread as questioning the event's wisdom in my conclusion, and I have a public blog presence with a contact form. Yesterday, I was contacted by Dane Conover who saw me as a way to join this conversation. He has applied for an account in the forum but until such time as he has one, he asked me if I would post his response so that he could have a say. I felt that he had a right and agreed, so here it is, verbatim, below:


Open Letter to Trees Fans
I don’t usually insert myself into forums, but feel I have no choice, upon discovery that Scott Davies of RUBELLAN REMASTERS has posted my songs for download without permission/license, so here goes:

The problem with business is people. Proven again. This guy has a dream to keep a reissue label going, but doesn’t seem to realize he’s already shot himself in the foot by breaking the law. And who’s gonna trust him NOW?? It’s getting around. This guy’s a liability…

Case in point: with no license agreement in place, he took the liberty of remastering tracks he had access to (which btw, I never requested; it was done under his own volition). He then PLACED THEM IN A PUBLIC FORUM FOR FREE DOWNLOAD. Why? Because of “countless unpaid hours” invested in remastering. He wanted recognition, and knew he wouldn’t get it without some kind of publication, legal or otherwise. Where did these songs originate? From myself; I wrote/recorded them, over the course of “countless unpaid hours”. BUT; there’s a major problem here, not just ethical, but legal. The issuance of a recorded composition under copyright needs permission from the author and/or REAL publisher/administrator PRIOR to such action. This was not done. Why not? Because his little startup Label had plans to put out a compilation, and he wanted some of these tracks included. I declined a few of them, as is my right as the legal owner. I had better material, but he’d made up his mind, and I never got the chance to even present it! In a pique of anger, he posted “his work” on my tracks.

A framer builds a frame, then goes looking for a painting to insert within such a creation. He finds one. Painter declines. Framer grabs painting, puts it in frame, and shouts, “Free painting here! I feel the public needs to see my frame, the one I put so much time into, and the ‘ungrateful’ painter didn’t contribute ONE DIME for my efforts! So here it is, enjoy it, I worked COUNTLESS HOURS building that frame…”
Put it this way: have you ever seen an art gallery or museum with JUST THE FRAMES? Didn’t think so…

In all my years of recording/releasing, I’ve NEVER had a Label dictate to me what to release for public consumption. Not MCA, Universal, or Geffen. Not StiffAmerica, not even Hi Rise Records, or KGB’s “Homegrown” ~
BUT WAIT! There’s more.

Davies then tries to rewrite the chronology, via a smear campaign, on multiple social media outlets, in a self-serving attempt at justifying such behavior. This fiction has our hero humbly putting up with outrageous demands, such as our deciding what can be released! He appears to deeply resent my wife Marisa being part of my creative decision making. We work together, get used to it! We always have. This was made clear FROM THE BEGINNING, and I have all the email, which tells the true, quite rational, story. So wildly skewed, Mr. Davies’ fiction! But it sounds dramatic, and allows him to be a creative author.

Turns out Scott Davies is an author, with three books out; each states “All Rights Reserved” with the standard copyright protection requiring “written permission of the author” for any reproduction beyond “brief excerpts”. So, let’s put it in perspective. Author Davies claims these rights, but doesn’t feel it necessary to respect them in my intellectual property.


Thank you to all Trees fans for your support over the years. There are more official releases coming, this time through a legitimate venue with trusted professionals. Stay Tuned!
Dane Conover/Trees


Well, that's done. I can't believe I agreed to get involved in this [should have been private] dispute. I see both sides of the issue but I do think that leaking material is not the constructive way forward. Quite the opposite. None of this public drama does Scott's [considerable] effort at being a label any good, and that saddens me. But his action was done. Where do we go from here?
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Re: Dane Conover [Trees] responds to the leak of his songs h

Postby Rubellan » Mon May 06, 2019 2:11 pm

Many inaccuracies in his/her rather dramatic and grandiose response, and I'm not going to bore anyone with a full bullet point list. And anything posted in this forum is "breaking the law" because people are sharing songs that are not currently available for purchase, regardless of their copyright status. So if anyone who shares or downloads in the forum who may think offering the free download that I did is just awful, that would be very hypocritical. And for the record, I have hours and hours of unreleased songs but only shared the ones I worked on.

Their mention of a "smear campaign" made me laugh because aside from an indirect reference on my personal Facebook page and the posting here, that's the extent of it.

And yes, he has been dictated about what to release. That's why the two album outtakes on my reissue are there, because he was told at the time the duet with his wife was not going to fly and the original version of 11 AM was "too dark", so he was told to redo them.

Oh, and Dane, talk to your friend Kit Watson about the link to your Soundcloud repository that he has shared with myself and others. He's given free access to far more material than the limited works that I invested time on.

And after reading the message again, and knowing the husband/wife dynamic, I don't doubt a good portion was either written or dictated by her.
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Re: Dane Conover [Trees] responds to the leak of his songs h

Postby oldwaver2 » Mon May 06, 2019 5:19 pm

Though this is some really interesting reading for NWO, comments on the internet get around; but it seems like you already know that. By posting these kind of comments, you are burning your bridges and industry people are going to be reluctant to deal with you. To be real, most of NWO already know that you can be a difficult person to deal with and most "kiss your ass", because we want the CD releases. We will just have to see how this drama plays out. To paraphrase the fable of the scorpion and the frog, I guess it's just your nature.

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Re: Dane Conover [Trees] responds to the leak of his songs h

Postby Qbertqubes » Tue May 07, 2019 6:13 am

I think Scott is right..he only shared music that is not available for purchase...we all do that on this forum. He made no money off of it. Once it becomes available for purchase, I will gladly purchase it. That was what I did before Trees CD became officially available..I downloaded a copy. When Scott released it, I bought it. No harm no foul.
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