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The Unknown Beauty Of The 80's Vol. 82

Discuss hard-to-find or out-of-print New Wave and '80s Alternative, and share a few songs along the way.
NOTE: requesting songs that are entirely unrelated to the genres discussed here or easily found on CD is strongly discouraged and posts will be enforced as needed.

The Unknown Beauty Of The 80's Vol. 82

Postby Rissan » Tue Jul 30, 2019 11:42 am

As promised today a new Volume.

The tracklist:

01 Stolen Pets - Changes 3:22
02 Cry Before Dawn - Flags 3:41
03 Lili Berlin - Midnight Lady 5:54
04 Secession - Sneakyville 3:44
05 Creatures Of Habit - Double Vision 3:47
06 The Perils Of Plastic - The Love I Love 4:24
07 The Big Supreme - Remind Me 3:49
08 The Technos - Spirit Of The Thing 3:01
09 Eye To Eye - Am I Normal? 3:30
10 Martha And The Muffins - Was Ezo 3:30
11 The Pale Fountains - (there's always) Something On My Mind 2:44
12 Red Roder - Breaking Curfew 3:43
13 The Clowns - My Bed Is A Boat 2:48
14 1000 Ohm - Love In Motion 6:16
15 Rupert Holmes - Adventure 4:04
16 The Reegs - See My Friends 5:13
17 New England - Get It Up 4:37
18 Revenge - 7 Reasons 4:06
19 The Recognitions - This First Dance 3:32
20 Nick Nicely - Dct Dreams 4:08

The link:!doAyWaba!26x5qOOy5T3X ... wz7gXdZnEI
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Re: The Unknown Beauty Of The 80's Vol. 82

Postby maccafan076 » Sun Aug 04, 2019 1:44 pm

Thank you Rissan. Looking forward to listening. The Clowns band are friends of my cousin and they formed a band together in the 90s called Fossil. Great band and I met them at the time and got a private living room concert.
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