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REQ: Alternative Radio - Valley Of Evegreen / First Night LP

PostPosted: Sat Sep 28, 2019 1:50 pm
by xymox970
After quite a long time, it seems that I do have a new favorite rare 80s record.

I know the 7" version of Valley Of Evergreen has recently finally been made available on the Revolutional Spirit box set.
but I would really appreciate it if someone could share the complete 12" single (version one or two) and perhaps even
their only LP First Night. There is a stunningly beautiful track Concertina Ballerina on there.
All the versions that I have had the chance to find so far were not so good quality rips, so a good quality 320kbps or FLAC would be great
from the 12" Valley Of Evergreen and the LP First Night as well.

Thanks. ... se/4234979 ... se/3149722 ... se/5084301