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The Unknown Beauty Of The 80’s Vol. 122

Discuss hard-to-find or out-of-print New Wave and '80s Alternative, and share a few songs along the way.
NOTE: requesting songs that are entirely unrelated to the genres discussed here or easily found on CD is strongly discouraged and posts will be enforced as needed.

The Unknown Beauty Of The 80’s Vol. 122

Postby Rissan » Thu Aug 27, 2020 2:17 am

This Volume was inspirited by a recent post of Post-Punk Monk ( ... om-sweden/), which made me wonder how much I have in my collection on Midge Ure as a producer. So again a thematic compilation.

Since the theme is about the artist/singer/producer/writer Midge Ure this time I have pull up the period to 1978-1992. Besides being a member of Rich Kids, Thin Lizzy, Visage and Ultravox, he went solo, did duets, and produced a wide range of artists. This Volume features an anthology of twenty-two songs produced, written and/or sung by Midge Ure.

Specially in the early eighties Midge Ure was very productive as producer for bands and artists like Modern Man, Messengers, Philip Lynott, Strasse, Snips, Visage and The Atrix or did one of productions for Kelvin Blacklock, Zaine Griff, Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, Cold Fish (also known as Suchi and Corect Spelling) and Ronny to name some.

Under the production alias Otto Flake Jr., he worked on some ZTT releases, especially known for the Glenn Gregory & Claudia Brücken release “When Your Heart Runs Out Of Time”.

The tracks:

01. Messengers - Great Institutions (3:26) #
02. Peter Godwin - Torch Songs For The Heroine (single version) (4:04) #
03. Kelvin Blacklock - I Don't Want Our Loving To Die (2:50) #
04. Decibel - Stregoneria (3:34) ^
05. Rich Kids - Marching Men (3:53) ^*
06. The Atrix - Treasure On The Wasteland (2:56) #
07. Howard Jones - Two Souls (4:23) *
08. Visage - Moon Over Moscow (3:45) #*
09. Midge Ure & Kate Bush - Sister And Brother (4:14) #^*
10. Fatal Charm - Christine (2:43) #
11. Strasse - A Stairway To You (3:11) #
12. Modern Man - Things Could Be Better (extended) (5:02) #
13. The Party - Walking In The Rain (3:50) #
14. Snips – 9 O’Clock (2:47) #
15. Zaine Griff - Passionate Reply (3:36) #^
16. Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel - I Can't Even Touch You (3:58) #
17. Big Noise - Fade To Grey (3:38) #^
18. Cold Fish - Love Me Today (3:47) #
19. Philip Lynott - Yellow Pearl (2:56) #^*
20. Glenn Gregory & Claudia Brücken - When Your Heart Runs Out Of Time (3:29) #
21. Skids - Hymns From A Haunted Ballroom (3:55) *
22. Midge Ure & Mick Karn - After A Fashion (3:57) #^*

Liner notes: # Producer, ^ Writer, * Instruments / performance

The link: ... NOq5PIojfs

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Re: The Unknown Beauty Of The 80’s Vol. 122

Postby Gazebo Music » Fri Aug 28, 2020 7:20 pm

Awesome share Ris! One things for certain, Midge is a genius! Well done!
Gazebo Music
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Re: The Unknown Beauty Of The 80’s Vol. 122

Postby crichert » Sat Aug 29, 2020 9:44 am

Some fantastic tracks here Ris, thank you for sharing!!
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Re: The Unknown Beauty Of The 80’s Vol. 122

Postby maccafan076 » Sun Aug 30, 2020 2:37 pm

I love this idea. I'm a huge fan of Midge. Thank you :)
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