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Please help me Identify these songs! (1ST FOUND)

PostPosted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 3:02 pm
by nonoseacrest
Hello. I'm new here, but people here seem to be pretty helpful and friendly. I have a few songs and I was wondering if anyone can help me ID them. I have gathered samples for all of them, so hopefully they can be helpful for everyone.

1. "Yesterday's Gone": This is by far my favorite of the bunch, but it's unfortunately also the shortest, only 15 seconds, but there are some vocals. This one could be called something like "Yesterday's Gone" but I can not find any lyrics through google, and I am also unable to make some lyrics out. When I downloaded this file from the site, the title was set as Yesterday's Gone and the track number was set as 6 from an unknown source. It's probably 80's, and has a great acoustic and synth in it. If anyone can make out the full lyrics, I'd appreciate it. It is also most likely not The Three O'Clock: ... ongID=1156 (SOLVED: "Yesterday Is Gone" by The Eyes of Mind (1984):

2. "Egyptian Wife": This is the most unique one. A youtube upload, and it seems to be telling the story of a fancy egyptian wife leaving their partner for someone else. It seems to be a mix between new wave and worldbeat. It sounds like it's sourced from a vinyl, and I am uncertain of the era, this one could be 90's:

3: "Stay By My Side": This is also a good one, I enjoy the instrumental a lot, but unfortunately, most of it is just instrumental, but as with the 1st, has some vocals. This could be the hardest to identify unfortunately, another from ... ongID=1941

4: "Nowhere To Run": This one is growing on me, It may be by a band called Red Sector One, they do sound similar, but i can't find this one, so i'm trying to contact the band: ... ongID=3103

I am trying to get into contact with some of the OP's of these, but being that a lot of these are older, it may not be too easy. If anyone can help me identify any of them, or knows any info at all, I'd love to hear it! Thanks!

Re: Please help me Identify these songs!

PostPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 7:44 am
by nonoseacrest
The first song has been found thanks to a few people who have helped me look: Yesterday Is Gone by The Eyes of Mind