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The Members - The Virgin Years (4 CD Box Set)

The Members - The Virgin Years (4 CD Box Set)

Postby profil » Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:17 am

Amazing new release by this fantastic band!! Disc 3+4 unreleased / songs first time on cd

To coincide with their 40th anniversary celebrations, ‘The Virgin Years’ sees popular punk band The Members look back to the late 70s and their celebrated period spent with Virgin Records during the apex of the New Wave and Punk scene explosions.
> The first disc complied in this four CD boxset is The Members’ debut LP, ‘At The Chelsea Nightclub’, which saw the band break into the UK charts with the New Wave anthem ‘Sound Of The Suburbs’ alongside fellow hit ‘Offshore Banking Business’.
> Following this disc is ‘1980 – The Choice Is Yours’, another critically acclaimed album that added to the Members rapidly expanding legacy.
> Third disc, ‘The BBC Sessions’, is made up by two rare unreleased John Peel sessions, alongside a version of ‘Physical Love’ recorded for Andy Peebles and a nine track In Concert for the BBC.
> Finishing this set off is a punk collectors dream disc, which gathers 11 previously unreleased studio demos including the fabled ‘End Of The Term’, which has never seen the light of day. ... rgin+years

Release date: 5 May 2017
Label: Caroline International

Track Listing:
Disc: 1
1. Electricity
2. Sally
3. Soho - A
4. Don't Push
5. Solitary Confinement
6. Frustrated Bagshot
7. Stand Up And Spit
8. The Sound Of The Suburbs
9. Phone - In Show
10. Love In A Lift
11. Chelsea Nightclub
12. The Sound Of The Suburbs (7" Single Version)
13. Handling The Big Jets
14. Offshore Banking Business
15. Solitary Confinement (7" Single New Version)
16. Offshore Banking Business / Pennies In The Pound

Disc: 2
1. The Ayatollah Harmony
2. Goodbye to The Job
3. Physical Love
4. Romance
5. Brian Was
6. Flying Again
7. Normal People
8. Police Car
9. Clean Men
10. Muzak Machine
11. Gang War
12. G.L.C
13. Killing Time
14. Ballad Of John And Martin
15. Disco Oui Oui
16. Love In A Lift (Soul Version)
17. Rat Up A Drainpipe (New Version)

Disc: 3
1. Love In A Lift (John Peel Session - 1979)
2. Phone - In Show (John Peel Session - 1979)
3. At The Chelsea Nightclub (John Peel Session - 1979)
4. The Sound Of The Suburbs (John Peel Session - 1979)
5. Physical Love (Andy Peebles Session - 1979)
6. Muzak Machine (John Peel Session - 1979)
7. Killing Time (John Peel Session - 1979)
8. Romance (John Peel Session - 1979)
9. Gang War (John Peel Session - 1979)
10. The Ayatollah Harmony (BBC In Concert - 1980)
11. Muzak Machine (BBC In Concert - 1980)
12. Romance (BBC In Concert - 1980)
13. Physical Love (BBC In Concert - 1980)
14. Clean Men (BBC In Concert - 1980)
15. Police Car (BBC In Concert - 1980)
16. The Sound Of The Suburbs (BBC In Concert - 1980)
17. Flying Again (BBC In Concert - 1980)
18. Chelsea Nightclub (BBC In Concert - 1980)

Disc: 4
1. End Of Term
2. G.L.C
3. Muzak Machine
4. Faces In A Crowd
5. Gang War
6. Ayatollah Harmony
7. Ballad Of John And Martin
8. Brian Was
9. Flying Again
10. Clean Men
11. Clean Dub
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