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Re: Altered Images 4 x CD box set

PostPosted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:18 am
by Rubellan
Cherry Pop just posted the following on Facebook about this release:

"Disc 3 has been fully remastered from scratch from original tapes, and all errors and poor sources on previous CD editions of the first two albums have also been fixed/greatly improved."

So it's pretty clear now that only Disc 3 has been remastered from tapes and the other 3 discs are "remastered" from previous CD editions. I expect that means the flexi tracks are just pulled from the flexi again. When I remastered the Vinyl 180 vinyl editions last year, we had the tapes pulled for the the flexi tracks. Shame this new CD edition will likely use an inferior source. But I'll be curious to see how they "greatly improved" issues on the first two albums and 12" mixes.