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Re: Trees "Sleep Convention" on CD this December

PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 4:31 pm
by Qbertqubes
My main question is "what is the deal with Barmy?" It sounds like he is deep and secretively interested in the reissue of this cd. I know I am interested but the seller needs to let the buyer know it is an illegal bootleg. I will wait for the real thing as I do have the album and is is a great lost gem.

Re: Trees "Sleep Convention" on CD this December

PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 12:32 pm
by Passing_Stranger
First of all, let me state that Trees created two songs that are among my biggest favourites from the 1980s - "Shock of the New" and especially "Red Car". These two are the works of genius, no less. I'm not as convinced by the rest of the LP and find it to be a matter of mood or setting to like it or just tolerate. But I wholeheartedly support the idea of it being on CD after all this time.

Which brings me to this topic. I just recently got off a friend the CD that Rubellan managed to get banned on Discogs. He then wrote this:

"a third party corresponded with the "label" and was given a track to review the quality. He passed the wave file on to me and it was dire. There was a very heavy handed use of noise reduction that left very negative artifacts in the quiet areas, there was still audible and visible clicks and pops, and a very sharp fade was added to the end and cut off a full 8 seconds"

Well, I'm holding the CD in question in my hands now and after listening to it let me state that Scott's description is misleading to say the least. I'm not sure now what source he listened to (if at all), as this CD by Perspekt/F in reality sounds just like a great remaster should. I state that, as I for years have had a straight-off-the-vinyl rip (in flac) - and it's what sounds dire and dull with still audible clicks and pops. Perspekt/F CD in back-to-back comparison sounds great - very clear, reasonably loud while not at all compressed, with great sound balance and no vinyl artefacts in sight (sound). Vocals even seem to be highlighted, I feel (that may only be my impression, though), with all nuances audible. "Red Car" is striking, I'll say that how I always wanted to hear this gem of a song!

Which brings me to the situation regarding banning. One thing is when the project is on the go - you justly eliminate competition to prevent them stealing your thunder. In Scott's case, however, the project is only suggested to the powers that be - with no guarantee whatsoever of any kind of success (as past efforts show). That's what makes Scott's actions highly questionable. Yes, I read that it was with the artists's blessing - but what if Scott's project won't succeed? Is no Trees on CD (factory-pressed high quality CD, by the way, just like the good old days!) really preferable?

In short, I suggest anyone interested in this album to search for the CD in question on other platforms. It's not in high numbers, it looks and sounds great, it will make a collector's item easily - and it won't derail Scott's project as, once it comes to fruition, will have much more to offer and really is a different thing altogether.