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Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey - Science Fiction pre-order!

Re: Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey - Science Fiction pre-order!

Postby negative1 » Sun Jul 15, 2018 7:33 pm

i'm getting the deluxe version for the remixes.

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Re: Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey - Science Fiction pre-order!

Postby Paulie » Tue Jul 17, 2018 9:09 am

I've had the Science Fiction album and remixes for a few days now... and I've got to say that I'm really enjoying it, it's very VERY listenable with some really good tracks. I did have high hopes but it's better than I'd dared hope for.
Take On Me
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Re: Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey - Science Fiction pre-order!

Postby negative1 » Sat Aug 25, 2018 1:05 pm

here's my review of 'science fantasy', which is the second disc.

CD 2
1. Feels Like Love To Me (Tom’s Dance Mix)
by far, the best remix out of all of them here.
also, this is one of the better songs.
not a long remix, but lots of great dance elements,
lots of different sound effects, and a great beat.
excellent vocals, and overall a great remix

2. If You Need Someone (Tom’s Radio mix)
this version cuts about 1 minute off the album version.
this song is a more concise edit, it's a nice latin
salsa beat sounding track. with the usual lyrics,
some filtered vocals, and vocoders going on.
not a big departure from the original.

3. Science Fiction (Tom’s Radio alt mix)
about a minute shorter than the original. possibly
in a slightly different key. with lower volume on
the vocals and instruments. a decent song.
i prefer the original.

4. What Kind of World (Original Mix)
the same length as the album version. this latin
salsa beat song, is hardly different from the album one.
i think it was mixed slightly differently. otherwise
i can't tell what parts are changed. an ok song.

5. Shooting Star (International Observer Dub Mix)
This mix is about the same length as the album one, 4:41
being a dub mix, means it just repeats some phrases,
with some echo and distortion. it's got a reggae feel
to it. very mellow and downbeat. its ok.

6. Science Fiction (International Observer Dub Mix)
another very slow, downbeat version of the original song,
but with more filtered vocals in it. again, its got a
reggae type beat and rhythm to it. i would have a preferred
a faster take on it.

7. Come So Far (Dubstyle)
already a slow song, this is just a more minimalist take
on the song, with less complexity, and again more
distorted vocals.

8. Blue (No Hands Dub)
this is a midtempo song, but it has a nice funky beat,
and lots of cool keyboard effects in it. very ethereal.


overall, science fantasy is an average companion to the original album.
however, in the end, unless you're a hardcore fan, you're not getting a lot.
the dubs are still very short, and unless you like salsa or reggae, you
probably won't care for them.

the few mixes, that are actually good, are just the first couple.
overall, i rate this a subpar release overall, its just not long
enough, complex enough, and too many slow songs on it.

so it would be a 2/5 stars rating.

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Posts: 1241
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