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Bananarama 2018 Reissues

Bananarama 2018 Reissues

Postby omar » Mon Jul 23, 2018 12:28 am

All of the trio's London Records albums 1983-92 have been reissued as single disc versions by London Music Stream Ltd. Here's the track list..

Deep Sea Skiving (1983) :
Shy Boy
Doctor Love
What A Shambles
Really Saying Something
Cheers Then
Aie A Mwana
Young At Heart
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
Hey Young London
Boy Trouble
Wish You Were Here
Bonus tracks
He's Got Tact
Girl About Town
Tell Tale Signs
No Feelings
Aie a Mwana [Extended Version]
Really Saying Something [Extended Version]
Shy Boy [Extended Version]
Cheers Then [Extended version]
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye [Extended Version]

Bananarama (1984) :
Cruel Summer
Rough Justice
King Of The Jungle
Dream Baby
Hot Line To Heaven
State I'm In
Robert de Niro's Waiting...
Through A Child's Eyes
Bonus tracks
The Wild Life
Live Now
Cruel Summer [Extended Version]
Robert De Niro's Waiting [Extended Version]
Rough Justice [Extended Version]
King of the Jungle [Extended Version]
The Wild Life [Extended Version]

True Confessions (1986) :
True Confessions
Ready Or Not
A Trick Of The Night
Dance with A Stranger
In A Perfect World
Do Not Disturb
A Cut Above The Rest
Promised Land
More Than Physical
Hooked On Love
Bonus tracks
White Train
Riskin' A Romance
Venus [Extended Version]
A Trick Of The Night [The Number One Mix]

Wow (1987) :
I Can't Help It
I Heard A Rumour
Some Girls
Love In The First Degree
Once in A Lifetime
Strike It Rich
Bad For Me
Come Back
Nathan Jones
I Want You Back
Bonus tracks
Mr Sleaze
I Heard a Rumour [Horoscope Mix]
Love in the First Degree [Jailers Mix]
I Can't Help It [Extended Club Mix]
I Want You Back [Extended European Mix]
Nathan Jones [Extended Version]

Pop Life (1991) :
Preacher Man
Long Train Running
Only Your Love
What Colour R the Skies Where U Live?
Is Your Love Strong Enough
Tripping On Your Love
Ain't No Cure
Outta Sight
I Can't Let You Go
Bonus tracks
Only Your Love [Milky Bar Mix]
Preacher Man [Shep's Club Mix]
Long Train Running [Alma De Noche Mix]
Tripping on Your Love [Euro Trance Mix]

Please Yourself (1992) :
Movin' On
Last Thing on My Mind
Let Me Love You One More Time
More, More, More
Is She Good To You
Only Time Will Tell
Give It All Up for Love
You'll Never Know What It Means
You're Never Satisfied
I Could Be Persuaded
Bonus tracks
Another Lover
Treat Me Right
Movin' On [Bumpin' Mix]
Last Thing on My Mind [Hi-nrg Mix]
More, More, More [12-inch Mix]
Is She Good to You? [12-inch Club Mix]

After those Edsel reissues including the singles boxset do we really need these ones? I think the label is trying to milk as much as they can while Siobhan's still touring with the group.
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Re: Bananarama 2018 Reissues

Postby postpunkmonk » Mon Jul 23, 2018 6:40 am

You are probably right about the exploitation of the catalog. I just got the Edsel 2xCD+DVD of "Deep Sea Skiving" and it's amazing. I initially waited too long and it seemed to rise to under $50 in cost over the last year, but just recently I found it online for £10 and jumped on it. I also want the "Bananarama" Edsel DLX RM and I'd go as far as the "True Confessions" 3-disc set if I could get it under $20, but if I missed that one for good [both the second and third DLX Edsel book boxes are out of my budget currently] I'd live. Their first album was the bomb for me. Personable and charming. Second was slicker and more professional but there were still some good songs. On "True Confessions" the Swain + Jolley stuff was too slick and that album marked the point where PWL became no fun for me anymore.
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Re: Bananarama 2018 Reissues

Postby RevUp64 » Mon Jul 23, 2018 7:04 am

Those Edsel editions were really for fans and collectors. I imagine these new editions are the ones they'll keep in print for a while for casual buyers, though how long anything stays in print anymore is anyone's guess.
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Re: Bananarama 2018 Reissues

Postby anfunny2003 » Tue Jul 24, 2018 2:59 pm

The Bananarama catalogue was sold by Warner last August. We pretty much instantly got new expanded digital packages, and these latest CDs are the same content physically. The multi-disc sets on Edsel were deleted about a year ago, with stores like HMV selling them off for as little as £5.99 each, or 2 for £10. In fact, you can still get some of them in store (mostly Pop Life and Please Yourself, the two less popular ones). Anyway, the new label, Because Music but under the new name London Music Stream, are absolutely "exploiting the catalogue" - they did buy it as an investment, after all. Why else would you buy an artist's back catalogue if not to make money from it? I appreciate after the multi-disc sets, these may seem like a step backwards, but I'm sure this is but the start of their plans. I am expecting vinyl reissues... coloured, probably. 8)
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Re: Bananarama 2018 Reissues

Postby CRM » Thu Aug 02, 2018 10:23 am

Would have been good to see Changes on the rerelease of Please Yourself, seeing as it comes from the recording sessions for that album. Despite what Bananarama have said about Changes being a demo, it isn't. It was at the very least considered as a single, with a 7" mix being done (which is the leaked version). The full length unfaded version is 4.33 minutes long.
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Re: Bananarama 2018 Reissues

Postby omar » Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:46 pm

Rumor also has it that last year they were planning of recording not one but two new songs with Siobhan (one of them being a Bowie cover), but nothing ever happened. I guess now with the tour almost over and Siobhan once again going solo, who knows?
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Re: Bananarama 2018 Reissues

Postby CRM » Sun Aug 12, 2018 3:03 pm

Interesting...and tonight in Gothenburg would have been the last show with Siobhan.

Come on, Because Music, put out Changes as a RSD release for 2019...
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