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Psykik Volts now on Bandcamp

PostPosted: Mon Oct 21, 2019 7:44 pm
by Klink
May not interest you guys seeing as the style is more quirky punk/rock/new wave (hardly any synths, nasal vocals) but my old band, Psykik Volts (I was Victor Vendetta/Slick Vinex back in 1979/1980), is now on Bandcamp with 2007's 'Re-Volting' & the newly released 'The Fall & Rise of Tintin Quarantino's Punk Fiction'. 'Re-Volting' is also available as a CD from Damaged Goods Records + picture disc 7" of 'Horror Stories/Totally Useless'.

Both albums feature songs written way back when but mainly recorded solo by me in more recent years. There are 4 or 5 Psykik Volts full band originals from '79/'80 in there as well. I may also put the 2 Pop-Tones songs from 1980's 7" single "Wooden Heart" on Bandcamp soon (Pop-Tones was Volts drummer Mick & I). Link is at (on facebook at Psykik Volts are also on most good streaming sites.