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Ultravox "Vienna" (40th Anniversary Boxset)

Re: Ultravox "Vienna" (40th Anniversary Boxset)

Postby postpunkmonk » Thu Dec 10, 2020 1:23 pm

jaybag wrote:I'm just a fan of physical media, and though my equipment isn't the greatest I love having the full WAV file quality files as opposed to the 256kbps (I've convinced myself I can hear the difference). I might just suck it up and order it from their site. Neither of the other two sites I ordered it from (ImportCDs or DeepDiscount, which I think are actually affiliated) still even show the product for sale so I'm skeptical that they'll come through.

You're right. Deep Discount DVD and importCDs are the same vendor. I was glad I hit them for the Ultrabox since they also had the Prince SOTT SDLX for $113 when I looked - huge savings and an unbeatable deal. I got both boxes for the price of the Prince at full retail. If you're going to order from the band store, don't delay. I expect it could be gone before xmas.
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Re: Ultravox "Vienna" (40th Anniversary Boxset)

Postby profil » Fri Dec 11, 2020 6:57 am

jaybag wrote:So bitter - I ordered mine from Amazon well before it came out. It had been on "backorder" forever then one day I checked my list of open orders and it wasn't there. Then noticed I'd gotten an e-mail from them saying they were "unable to fill this order and so it has been canceled, we apologize for the inconvenience," etc. I have it on order from two other sites that also both show it as "Backorder" so I'm skeptical at best. Looks like my only option is buying it directly from the Ultravox website but with shipping to the U.S. it'll come out to probably $100+ with tax (it's $95 without, Amazon and the other sites had it for more like $65).

Gripe session over, so now I ask you fine folks: Is it worth the $100? I already own the 2-CD Remastered Definitive Edition.

For me it is definitely the box set of the year:

I love this album since it came out in1980.
Great sound quality.
All commercially available songs/versions from this era nicely put together.
Lots of very nice bonus tracks (rehearsals 1979/80 AND Live concert 1980).
Great 5.1 surround mix (which is also veryimportant for me).

What more can you expect :)
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