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Dave Ball - Electronic Boy Limited Signed

PostPosted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 7:35 pm
by Fred80s ... uxe-boxset
Already sold out.

Dave Ball - Electronic Boy - (Pre-Order Limited Exclusive Deluxe Boxset) - SIGNED

In Electronic Boy: My Life In And Out Of Soft Cell, Dave Ball tells the story of his musical journey. Starting with Dave’s childhood in Blackpool, he tells how he discovered Northern Soul before going to Leeds to study. Meeting fellow student Marc Almond there, Dave continues the story of his journey as a member of Soft Cell and his rich and varied musical career after the band broke up. Forming The Grid with Richard Norris in 1990, Dave enjoyed a second million selling single with Swamp Thing and had a global #10 hit with The Grid’s production of Billie Ray Martin’s dance classic Your Loving Arms in 1994. At the same time Dave was in demand DJing, mixing and producing tracks for artists including David Bowie, Kylie Minogue The B-52s and The Pet Shop Boys. The book culminates with Soft Cell’s triumphant 2018 reunion, when they sold out London’s O2 Arena in a weekend.

Electronic Boy: My Life In And Out Of Soft Cell is available as a special box set edition exclusively available from Lexer Music. Featuring a SIGNED book, an exclusive 7” EP featuring Dave’s earliest UNRELEASED Soft Cell recordings PLUS a brand new track created especially for this project, this special edition also features a compilation CD of some of Dave’s favourite OWN productions and remixes, INCLUDING Soft Cell and The Grid rarities. An art print of the cover of Dave’s solo album In Strict Tempo and a set of four postcards illustrated by Dave are also included.

Electronic Boy: My Life In And Out Of Soft Cell tells a warts and all tale of how music can shape and steer a life into a successful career with Dave’s characteristic warmth, wit and humour, and is a must for fans old and new.

Limited to a total of 500 boxsets, each book will be both DEDICATED TO THE BUYER AND PERSONALLY SIGNED by Dave Ball (Illustration shown in secondary image). Please add the name for the dedication to appear with the book signature in the text box below.

"Dave Ball - Electronic Boy - (Pre-Order Exclusive Deluxe Boxset) - SIGNED", was out Thursday, 25th June 2020 and available exclusively through Lexer Music whilst pre-order stock remains. Figure above shows number of boxsets remaining.

Please note that due to lockdown regulations and logistics, Dave will now not be able to physically sign each book as originally planned. However, each boxset book purchased through Lexer Music will be sent with a special book plate signed personally by Dave (including the dedication), which can be affixed inside the book by the buyer. See secondary image for example.

Summary of Main Contents:

A Personally SIGNED copy of the ‘Electronic Boy' book
Limited to 500 personally signed boxsets
Exclusive 3-track 7” EP featuring a brand new track, created especially for the boxset and two of his very first recordings for Soft Cell, which are previously unreleased.
16-track compilation CD (Dave Ball: 1979 - 2019) featuring some of Dave’s favourite productions and remixes, including Soft Cell and The Grid rarities. See below for track listing (subject to change).
Exclusive 'In Strict Tempo' art print by Peter Ashworth, featuring an alternative previously unseen cover of Dave’s 1983 solo album.
Four Postcard set illustrated by Dave.

Dave Ball: 1979 - 2019 CD Track Listing (ABF 5)

Soft Cell ‘And My Last Breath’ (Previously Unreleased) (Big Frock Rekords)
One of Dave’s very earliest recordings, created for Soft Cell and recorded in early 1979. While a vocal version of this track was performed at the band’s first gig in December that year, Marc never recorded the vocals, so this track was set aside as the duo’s writing quickly gathered momentum.
Soft Cell ‘Art Student (You’re So Chic)’ Previously Unreleased) (Big Frock Rekords)
Featuring Dave on lead vocals, this studio sketch is another very early recording, and according to Dave, ‘a lo-fo tribute to Kraftwerk’.
Soft Cell ‘Art Student (Pt 2)’ (Previously Unreleased) (Big Frock Rekords)
Another very early out-take, created in the studio at Leeds Poly.
Soft Cell ‘Tupperware Party 2018’ (Instrumental) (Previously Unreleased) (Big Frock Rekords)
One of the track options for inclusion on 2019’s Magick Mutants EP, recorded by Dave in late 2018, but never used.
Soft Cell ‘Seedy Films’ (Instrumental) (Previously Unreleased) (Virgin/Universal)
Dave’s choice from 1981’s seminal Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret’ album, featuring Dave Tofani on clarinet. This is a previously unheard instrumental version.
Dave Ball ‘Strict Tempo’ (With Gavin Friday) (Phonogram/Universal)
Dave’s favourite track from his debut 1983 album ‘In Strict Tempo’, featuring vocals from The Virgin Prunes’ frontman.
English Boy On The Loveranch ‘Sex Vigilante’ (Single Version) (New Rose)
Rare 1988 single written by and featuring Dave Ball.
Psychic TV ‘Money For E’ (Dave Ball Remix)
1990 remix, taken from the album ‘Beyond Thee Infinite Beat’
The Grid ‘Flotation’ (Special Request Remix, Richard Norris Edit) (Previously Unreleased on CD) (Chemical Alley)
Updated version of The Grid’s debut major label single, originally released on East West records in 1990.
Faust ‘Wir Brauchen Dich’, No. 6 (Gel Remix)
Remix of Krautrockers Faust by Dave Ball and Ingo Vauk
The Grid ‘Aquarium’ (Virgin/Universal)
Dave’s favourite track from The Grid’s second album, 456, released in 1992.
Erasure ‘Am I Right’ (The Grid Remix) (Mute/BMG)
Dave’s (and Andy Bell’s) favourite Grid remix, recorded with Richard Norris in late 1991.
Minty ‘Useless Man’ (The Grid Remix) (Candy Records)
Rare 1995 remix by The Grid of the late great Leigh Bowery’s outrageous band Minty.
Nightwreckage ‘Repetition’ (Previously Unreleased) (Big Frock Rekords)
Previously unheard David Bowie cover with Dave on lead vocals.
Soft Cell ‘Back To Nature ‘(Dave Ball Vocal Version) (Previously Unreleased) (Big Frock Rekords)
Created for 2019’s Magick Mutants EP, this is the guide vocal version Dave recorded before Marc’s vocal replaced it on the final version.
Dave Ball ‘Nighthawks’ (Previously Unreleased) (Big Frock Rekords)
A brand new Dave Ball piece, created by Dave in 2019 especially for this compilation.

CD Running Time – Approx 79 minutes

Re: Dave Ball - Electronic Boy Limited Signed

PostPosted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 9:56 am
by Glenn
Will the CD be released on its own?

Re: Dave Ball - Electronic Boy Limited Signed

PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2020 11:45 am
by yipyipcoyote
Was hoping for Say hello wave goodbye (Instrumental) (7" b-side)

Re: Dave Ball - Electronic Boy Limited Signed

PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2020 1:31 pm
by df118
yipyipcoyote wrote:Was hoping for Say hello wave goodbye (Instrumental) (7" b-side)

The Seedy Films (Instrumental) is worth it alone.

SHWG (7" B-side Instrumental) is confirmed (via Facebook) for the Soft Cell reissues.

Re: Dave Ball - Electronic Boy Limited Signed

PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2020 3:30 pm
by Glenn
Do you have more information about Soft Cell reissues? Saw the info on Cruelty Without Beauty for next month. Are there other releases coming out?

Re: Dave Ball - Electronic Boy Limited Signed

PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2020 3:56 pm
by df118
Glenn wrote:@df118,
Do you have more information about Soft Cell reissues? Saw the info on Cruelty Without Beauty for next month. Are there other releases coming out?

Yes, according to Soft Cell management. The original albums in expanded form.

Re: Dave Ball - Electronic Boy Limited Signed

PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2020 4:36 pm
by df118
Lee Powell Are all the albums being reissued please?
Soft Cell YES!!!
Chris Smith David Watts Let’s get these out of the way first. Big year next year too...
Lee Powell Soft Cell amazing. That's so exciting to hear, especially if they have Demos etc included. Thank you!
David Watts Soft Cell on vinyl too?!!!
Soft Cell David Watts All Universal albums currently still in print?
David Watts Soft Cell yes but want the extras! Have the originals. They will sell if you make them!
Tim Wilcox Can't wait to hear Last Night in Sodom reissued and with some lovely extras. Not my favorite from them but still very intriguing to see what the reissue would look and sound like.
Guy B. Phipps Hopefully with SHWG instrumental on NSEC
Chris Smith Guy B. Phipps It is!