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Toyah "Sheep Farming In Barnet" 2CD/DVD

Toyah "Sheep Farming In Barnet" 2CD/DVD

Postby omar » Sat Sep 12, 2020 5:08 pm

Released on Cherry Red in December, this is the first of Toyah's Safari Records albums remasetered and expanded.


1. Neon Womb
2. Indecision
3. Waiting
4. Computer
5. Victims Of The Riddle
6. Elusive Stranger
7. Our Movie
8. Danced
9. Last Goodbye
10. Victims Of The Riddle 
11. Race Through Space

Bonus Tracks
12. Gaoler
13. Bird In Flight
14. Tribal Look
15. Love Me 
(Dangerfield Session)*
16. Tribal Look 
(Alternate Mix)*
17. Our Movie 
(Shoestring Version)*
18. Waiting 
(Shoestring Version)*
19. Neon Womb 
(Shoestring Version)*
20. Danced 
(Shoestring Version)*


Spaceward Studios Demos May 1978
1. Computers (Demo)*
2. Little Boy (Demo)*
3. Close Encounters (Demo)*
4. Watch Me Sane (Demo)*
Spaceward Studios Demos Dec 1978
5. Jailer (Demo)*
6. Race Through Space (Demo) *
7. Elusive Stranger (Demo)*
8. Problem Child (Demo)
9. Israel (Demo)
10. Christmas Carol (Demo)
Chappell Studios May-June 1979
11. Race Through Space 
(Alternate Mix)*
12. Neon Womb (No Saxophone)*
13. Our Movie (Alternate Mix)*
14. Waiting (Alternate Vocal Mix)*
15. Indecision (Alternate Vocal Mix)*
16. Computer (Alternate Vocal Mix)*
17. Vivisection (Improvisation)*
Rollerball Rehearsal Studios Oct 1979
18. Love Me (Demo)
19. Tribal Look (Demo)
20. Guilty (Demo)
21. Three-Sided Face (Demo)

* Previously unreleased


1. The Story Behind The Album: 2020 Interview
2. Track-By-Track Album Commentary: 2020 Interview
3. Neon Womb: Acoustic Session 2020
4. Computer: Acoustic Session 2020
5. Bird In Flight: Acoustic Session 2020
6. Race Through Space: What’s On 12/04/1979
7. Toyah Interview: What’s On 19/04/1979
8. Danced: The Old Grey Whistle Test 04/03/1980
9. Indecision: The Old Grey Whistle Test 04/03/1980
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Re: Toyah "Sheep Farming In Barnet" 2CD/DVD

Postby BigManRestless » Mon Sep 14, 2020 2:53 am

This looks great! I was worried than Cherry Red might go down the 'clam shell' route of Safari albums, this beyond my expectations!
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Re: Toyah "Sheep Farming In Barnet" 2CD/DVD

Postby dlgladwin » Mon Sep 14, 2020 3:06 am

Well, I'm in!

Hope they do a similar job on The Blue Meaning.
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Re: Toyah "Sheep Farming In Barnet" 2CD/DVD

Postby postpunkmonk » Mon Sep 14, 2020 5:49 am

Nice package and a decent price for the goods, but I can't afford to re-buy every album of every artist I once collected. Will live with my 1st pressing on "Great Expectations" and the remaster of "Mayhem." I will get the "Warrior Rock" since I missed out on getting that when it was in print.
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Re: Toyah "Sheep Farming In Barnet" 2CD/DVD

Postby omar » Mon Sep 14, 2020 10:59 am

I loved Toyah's Safari years 1979-83 and hope that CR does a good job in the presentation. By the looks of it on their website it looks like its well compiled and packaged. Let's hope the sound quality is good.
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Re: Toyah "Sheep Farming In Barnet" 2CD/DVD

Postby omar » Mon Sep 14, 2020 5:10 pm

got confirmation on Facebook through Toyah's official website that these are remastered from the the original tapes.
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