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Cabaret Voltaire "Shadow Of Fear" on Mute on 20 November 202

Cabaret Voltaire "Shadow Of Fear" on Mute on 20 November 202

Postby Charlayme » Sat Oct 24, 2020 1:53 pm

So I don't understand why we don't announce the release of Cabaret Voltaire's next album? So many of us know the news since the announcement at Mute.By the way, one of us wrote a very good paper on the subject.
Are we so afraid to be disappointed ? It's for sure that after the experimental period of the band and its apogee with The Crackdown, Microphonies, The Covenant... and Code which dates from 1987, a transitional period where the band is sucked into the House Music current with Groovy... then its return to a more real Cab sound with Body..., it drifts in 1991 towards ambient electro sounds until 1994, it seems to me.
The return of Cabaret Voltaire is great news for me .
The record is called " Shadow Of Fear" and is scheduled for 20/11/2020 on Mute.
It will soon join my 21 cd and 2 LP ;-) of the band.
here is the extract : ... annel=Mute
I don't think the sound is very good...
It's true that I think it's a pity that Mallinder is not part of the project.
We haven't talked about his album released on 10/11/2019 or I missed an episode...
an excerpt here : ... aisRecords
It will be part of my acquisitions soon...
Finally, to come back to the paper written on 28/08, it made me want to listen again ... Groovy !!!! because I know the others too well and I loved this ugly duckling because it's the only Cabaret Voltaire album that makes me laugh (!!!) except maybe the ultra cheap drum machines that make me a bit mad. On a good tube hi-fi system, the sounds are interesting and testify of an era. I love "Easy Life"...
Thank you PPM... for your work which breathes passion.
Switchin' to Glide
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Re: Cabaret Voltaire "Shadow Of Fear" on Mute on 20 November

Postby postpunkmonk » Mon Oct 26, 2020 6:48 am

Thanks for the shout-out. Most of my commenters @ PPM were down on the idea of a new CV album; citing this as another Kirk solo album - albeit a decent one. But I liked what I heard more than the more faceless ambient techno that was made without Mallinder involvement. I'd give it a chance. Can it truthfully be called Cabaret Voltaire? Even without Mal's vox + bass, if it has the CV point of view, examining the control process [which was the essence of CV, if you ask me] than I'd say "yes!" It passes muster as real CV music.
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Re: Cabaret Voltaire "Shadow Of Fear" on Mute on 20 November

Postby negative1 » Mon Oct 26, 2020 8:47 am

I'm going to get it.

Any new cabaret voltaire is always good in my opinion.

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