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Record Store Reviews - San Diego

Discussions about vinyl records: rarities, obscurities and collectibles, promos, mixes, etc. DJ-related discussions are welcome as well as techniques for recording & restoring vinyl records to CD/MP3.

Record Store Reviews - San Diego

Postby coop41 » Mon Mar 19, 2007 7:02 am

Got here late Friday night, went to the Swap Meet in the early morning Saturday, don't know if it was luck or if it is always like this: Many sellers, enormous selection, low prices (mostly $1 or $2) and I walked away with boxes of New Wave stuff. What was truly amazing, probably 70% of the stuff I bought was in plastic sleeves already! I bet that of the hundreds of records I looked at, I might have put 2 or 3 back due to condition, most of the stuff was like it had never been played! I did find two of my white whales(N-E-1 (found two copies!) and The New Presidents - $3 total!!). One seller had everything for $2 and everything was bagged and in great shape, mostly 70's rock but I found 40 records there including Kraftwerk, Bill Nelson etc. He told me he had a ton of records at his thrift store on Garnet from the same collection, so later that day I went there and picked up another 50+ records.

Off The Record on University was Saturday nights destination, found several items I was looking for but nothing spectacular. Decent selection and reasonably priced.

Sunday morning it was back to the swap meet and although not quite as good as Saturday there were some notable finds. One Jackass I asked how much his records were and he said $1 and up. I looked through his odd collection and pulled out 5 records I wanted, nothing too spectacular except one. He said- these will be about $10 each! three of them were $2 records at best, one was a $4 or $5 record and I bought one- the Young Snakes- Aimee Mann's pre 'til Tuesday record in fantastic shape and told him he was crazy on the rest. He assured me he would have no problem getting $10 each for the others. I found the others down the row for $1 each about 3 minutes later.

Had no other time for record shopping and I know there are more stores in the area (Off The Record has another location) but I recommend checking out the swap meet, I picked up a ton of stuff there at rock-bottom prices in great shape (better than most record stores I've been in). No comparison to our swap meet here in Arizona which would never be an option for records.
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