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PostPosted: Mon Feb 07, 2011 4:08 am
by slowfidelity
the media group is based in the the Silver Spring,MD/Washinton, DC area.
stream audio from artists -
download entire albums of artists in mp3 for free -
list of stuff for sale from the media group -
follow us @ (we need to promote this more)
* * * releases: * * *
RkSpx/Noise Complaint - "split" cassette $5.00 ppd
bmore-club-inspired electro by RkSpx and the harsh noise synth punk of Noise Complaint.
Moon Pie - "EP + Improv" cassette $5.00 ppd
experimental pop band's debut coupled w/ 13-minute jam. ex-Death Chants
Paul Joyner - "Quiet Lions" cassette $5.00 ppd
re-release of PJ's second full-length! stoner punk trip. recorded winter 2005
P.J.B. - "Headies" cassette $5.00 ppd
half-hour lick of live acid house done by silver spring's most glamorous
P.J.B. - "Live Bass Anarchy" cassette $5.00 ppd
compilation of live material recorded in Baltimore, Alexandreia VA, and DC
P.J.B. - "untitled EP" cassette $5.00 ppd
three psyched-out stoner rock cuts with guitarist James Reichard (Body Cop, Rue The Day)
Paul Joyner - "Tetragrammaton" CD-R $7.00 ppd
more psychedelic screamo-jazz in his darkest solo album yet
Metal Urban Sound Tracks - "MUST EP" CD-R $4.00 ppd
debut recording from experimental punk/metalcore quartet
P.J.B. - "Sum Of Heroes: The Rez EP" 3in CD-R $5.00 ppd
post-rock/IDM jams. re-release of very first P.J.B. recordings
* * * distro * * *
-audio cassette-
angel eyes "dire dish" $6.50
bast "bast"$ 7.00
bast "witch" $7.00
bast/vargr wulf "split" $7.00
bast "liar" 2xCS-box $15.00
body cop "body cop" $6.50
andreas brandal "sad punchline/mystery cliche" $6.50
caves caverns "caves caverns" $6.50
cigarette "blush (demos)" $6.00
muntjac "warp" $9.50
oblive/vorg "split" $6.50
peiiste "beast" $7.00
peiiste "blood sacrifice" $7.00
peiiste "orm" 6xCS-box $33.00
peiste "emulsifyer" $8.50
plankton wat "alchemy of darkness"/"dawn of the golden eternity" $7.00
rosso merda & cheap machines "next to nothing" $6.50
r.s.p. "revolutionary social progress" $6.50
johnny scarr "mari ebb/dit jun" $7.00
swanox "dawnrunner" $7.50
tad "path to the dutchie" $7.00
triangle & rhino "your friends suck..."/"cannonball briefcase plus" $4.50
vargr wulf "roman candle" $7.00
vargr wulf "behind the rainbow" $9.00
vargr wulf "black supremacy" 3xCS-box $18.00
- vinyl records -
altar of flies "förruttnelsen" 12in/LP $20.00
√Ąttestupa "1867" 12in/LP $12.00
benjamin franklin "la pente/loupiotes" 7in $7.50
black dice "ball/peace in the valley" 7in+book $10.00
blessure grave "judged by 12, carried by 6" 12in/LP $20.00
dead machines "plays invasion of the body snatchers" 1-sided 12in $13.50
death chants "the sound of rain/north carolina" 7in $17.50 rare/oop
gay beast "gay beast" 7in gilgongo $7.50
gay beast/twin "2 borgs for every borg/white eyes" 7in $8.50
high wolf "ascension" 12in/LP not not fun $12.00
sean mccann "chances are staying" 12in/LP $14.00
mean jeans "are you serious?" 12in/LP $10.00
mean jeans/the white wires "split" 7in $5.00
melt banana "cell-scape" 12in/LP $13.50
melt banana "teeny shiny" 12in/LP $13.50
mudboy "music for any speed" 7in $7.50
pocahaunted "make it real" 12in/LP $14.00
shellac "excellent italian greyhound" 12in/LP $20.00
split horizon/jstat "void tactical" 12in/LP $9.00
the holy kiss "back to colma" 7in $5.00
the pharmacy "abominable" 7in $5.00
topaz rags "the crown center" 7in $6.50
u.s. maple "acre thrills" 12in/LP $18.00
wet hair "dream" 12in/LP $14.00
wet hair "glass fountain" 12in/LP $14.00
zs "arms" 12in/LP $17.00
- compact disc -
blue sabbath black cheer "crows eat the eyes from the leviathans carcass" $13.50
ducktails "backyard" $13.50
earth "phase 3 thrones and dominons $12.50
the faeries "riot in the hive mind" $12.50
hanna hirsch "tala svart" $15.00
magic lantern "platoon" $11.00
magik markers "boss" $11.00
mass movement of the moth "outerspace" $7.00
raccoo-oo-oon "raccoo-oo-oon" $15.00
warmer milks "let your friends in" $11.00