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[project] -> ABC how to be a zillionaire (deluxe)

New Wave/Punk music, culture, genres, memories. '80s revivalism and other relevant topics.

[project] -> ABC how to be a zillionaire (deluxe)

Postby negative1 » Sun Jan 12, 2014 8:05 am

a friend and myself are working on this project:

this is the listing
Oct. ’13
Prototype listing
hey abc’ers,

i’m making a deluxe version of
how to be a zillionaire..

here’s what i would like it to be like:
how to be a millionaire (deluxe) v1.0

disc 1:
original album
format track time title
cd 1 3:49 Fear Of The World
cd 2 3:38 Be Near Me
cd 3 3:27 Vanity Kills
cd 4 3:32 Ocean Blue
cd 5 5:34 15 Storey Halo
cd 6 2:48 A To Z
cd 7 3:35 How To Be A Millionaire
cd 8 3:38 Tower Of London
cd 9 4:18 So Hip It Hurts
cd 10 3:17 Between You and Me

singles and bsides
format track time title
v 11 3:31 How To Be A Millionaire (single remix)
v 12 3:30 How To Be A Millionaire (acapella)
cd 13 3:31 Vanity Kills (u.s.a. single remix)
v 14 3:37 Vanity Kills (7#8243;)
cd 15 2:03 Judy’s Jewels
cd 16 3:40 Ocean Blue (Single Mix or 7#8243;)

format track time title
v 17 3:41 How To Be A Billionaire
cd 18 3:38 How To Be A Trillionaire (Harajuku Mix)
cd 19 3:36 What’s Your Destination (be near me-inst)
cd 20 3:38 Tower Of London [instrumental]

disc 2
format track time title
cd 1 7:33 How To Be A Zillionaire (wall st. mix)
cd 2 6:05 How To Be A Zillionaire (bond street mix)
v 3 5:22 How To Be A Zillionaire (nickel & dime mix)
cd 4 5:27 Be Near Me (munich disco mix)
v 5 4:45 Be Near Me (ecstasy mix)
cd 6 4:58 Be Near Me (munich disco mix – early fade)
v 7 6:13 Vanity Kills (the mendelsohn mix)
cd 8 5:43 Vanity Kills (u.s.a. remix)
cd 9 5:09 Vanity Kills (the abigails party mix)
v 10 5:58 Tower Of London (extended version)
cd 11 4:40 Fear Of The World (in cinemascope)
cd 12 8:53 ABC Megamix
cd 13 3:37 Ocean Blue (pacific mix)
cd 14 5:12 Ocean Blue (atlantic mix)


there is a chance my friend might start up a new
music label to release this..

but i can't say any details about when, where, or
for how much this will cost.

if you're interested, post a a message here,
so we can see how many people might want it.


‘so tell me, tell me, how to be’
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