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Non-album songs by 80's group

New Wave/Punk music, culture, genres, memories. '80s revivalism and other relevant topics.

Non-album songs by 80's group

Postby negative1 » Sun Oct 18, 2015 3:32 pm

groups in the 80's would sometimes be working on albums,
but since they were creative, they would release songs,
and singles that were never included on any album, or compilation

here is a list of some of the better known groups that have
songs that were not on albums, or released separately:

u2 - a celebration (after october, but before war) 1982

easiest to find on 'october (remaster)' 2008

talk talk - why is it so hard (3 versions) 1984
one version
a-sides b sides

was on first born soundtrack: ... ter/509987

remix was on 'it's my mix' (STILL NOT ON CD!) ... ster/25627

different version on 'zabou' soundtrack ... ter/255179

easiest to find on:
sedated in the eighties Vol 4 ... ase/680987

and a-side, b-sides (different version - 7 inch) ... ter/222300

talk talk - my foolish friend 1983



another non-album track: ... ster/22927

remix: ... ster/25627

easiest to find remix on: ... ter/377779

and ... ter/222300

depeche mode - get the balance right, it's called a heart,
shake the disease and flexible
(on greatest hits) 1983-1984
-------------------------------------------------------------- ... ster/21123 ... ster/18380 ... ster/21127

tears for fears - the way you are, (after the hurting) 1983

7 and 12 inch mixes ... ster/43136

abc - viva love - aborted song 1994
ABC: Viva Love [Feb 1994] unreleased single
12": 1995 UK (EMI/Parlophone; ??) Viva Love (brothers in rhythm)
[+ mixes?] Announced Feb 94, dropped by EMI/Parlophone shortly before release

extended mix:

only the 7 inch edit, can be found on this 3xcd compilation ... ase/825627

human league - Behind the Mask (w/ymo) 1993
a neat collaboration


found here ... ase/504204

thomas dolby - fieldwork (w/ryuichi sakamoto) 1985
another great collaboration, many mixes

london mix

live: ... ter/128631

fluke as lucky monkeys - bjango 1996
spinoff of group 'fluke'
many mixes

way out west mix ... ter/111314

pet shop boys - break 4 love (with peter raunhofer) 2001
great collaboration

many mixes ... ster/30407

808 state - insane lover/freak (unreleased) 1994
promo only vinyl ... ase/102893

one mix of each can be found here: gorgeous remaster from 2008 ... se/1482402

everything but the girl - corcovado 2002

a few mixes ... ster/72263

can be found on greatest hits, and walking wounded 2015 remaster,
but not all the mixes though.

ian mcculloch - september song
-------------------------------------------------------------- ... ster/29557

he has a few other non album songs:
------------------------------------ ... ppearances

Year Song Album Ref.
1991 "Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye" I'm Your Fan

2000 "Blue Moon"
(with Simon Boswell and Alex James) There's Only One Jimmy Grimble and No Substitute For Life soundtrack
"Do You Believe?"
(with Simon Boswell and Alex James)

2002 "Jealous Guy" Uncut Presents: Instant Karma 2002; a Tribute to John Lennon

2010 "Some Kind of Nothingness" Postcards from a Young Man by Manic Street Preachers

kraftwerk - tour de france (1983)
the original versions

a ton of mixes: ... ster/78835

midge ure - no regrets
after a fashion (with mick karn)
call of the wild
no regrets

7 and 12 inch ... ster/50403

after a fashion

7 and 12 inch ... ster/50424

call of the wild


7 and 12 inch ... ster/50502

underworld - downpipe (w/mark knight and d ramirez)
good collaboration

mixes ... ter/178473


hope you enjoy these tracks

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Re: Non-album songs by 80's group

Postby schwenko » Thu Oct 22, 2015 5:09 pm

New Order would fit in here (as you well know :D ) e.g. Blue Monday/The Beach, State of the Nation, Here to Stay etc,etc.
Sugoi !!!
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Re: Non-album songs by 80's group

Postby negative1 » Sat Oct 24, 2015 9:47 am

schwenko wrote:New Order would fit in here (as you well know :D ) e.g. Blue Monday/The Beach, State of the Nation, Here to Stay etc,etc.

most of those are on singles, substance, etc.

but yes, i have a huge list of more tracks, will post it eventually.

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Re: Non-album songs by 80's group

Postby magnum » Sat Nov 07, 2015 3:47 pm

China Crisis - Scream down at me ... -11cemOpYA

Spin A 12 INCH aka Magnum-Truth..the internet stalker...a neurotic obsessive person who needs to get a life
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Re: Non-album songs by 80's group

Postby djcraig » Mon Nov 16, 2015 11:12 am

Good work -1, amazing stuff!
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