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Who ran The P5?!?!

PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:10 pm
by PassionOrPatterns
This awesome blog is dead, so says the owner:

The Post Punk Progressive Pop Party

The owner also said that no further posts will be made, comments are no longer able to be added, and broken links will never be fixed. But the owner hasn't killed the blog completely, just left it in stasis. Problem is, even though he's deliberately left it up and running "as a piece of 80's music history on the web" (his words), there are problems with it. As it stands, not all the wonderful content on this blog is accessible, which is really unfortunate, because it is so good.

It appears that the blogging widget on which the collapsible/expandable Year/Month tree is based no longer allows more than the most recent 100 entries for any given month to be retrieved and displayed. For months with a lot of entries, that can mean that as much as half of the entries just can't be reached.

I am trying desperately to locate the original author/owner of this blog, to see if there is ANY POSSIBLE WAY I can cajole him into popping back over to the blog and looking into this little problem. Does anyone here know who ran it? Does anyone have contact info for the person? So far, all I have been able to dig up is that it MIGHT be the same person who owns this Flickr account:

I think this may be the guy, because when I search on Robever80, I also come up with this Blogger profile:

Though the link on that profile page for the blog named "The Post Punk Progressive Pop Party" goes to an empty blog at the address

So I think I may have found the guy, but I am totally unsure. I just wanted to ask here, to see if anyone knew of the blog, who ran it, and how to contact him.

Thanks for you help!