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Share: Mix for NWO Part 2

PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2016 1:07 pm
by ame01999 ... st-part-2/

From Side To Side - Lowlife
Clint - Sad Lovers & Giants
Searching (Original Version) - Indoor Life
Heart of Stone - Car Crash Set
Silhouettes - Thick Pigeon
Took Advantage - Parade Ground
I Wanted To Tell Her ('With Sympathy' Demo) - Ministry
Carmine - Nagamatzu
I Cry - Pink Military
Chenko - Red Box
Planned Obsolescence - 10,000 Maniacs
Sleep Will Come - The Durutti Column
First Aspect Of The Same Thing - The Durutti Column
Condos (Live Rehearsal) - Iron Curtain
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Power of Independent Trucking Mix) - Joy Division

Re: Share: Mix for NWO Part 2

PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2016 5:36 pm
by wasproxy
Het Moffittser ... loved the first entry, can you make #2 available as a download as well ? You have great taste :)

Re: Share: Mix for NWO Part 2

PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2016 6:42 pm
by ame01999
Hey, thanks! I was starting to wonder if I was posting in a void.

Does Mixcloud have a download option like Soundcloud? Or did you mean just upload the files to a sharing host? I still have the joined full mix, or I can post individual tracks.

Has everyone heard thebTrucking mix? He had access to the original multi tracks, and used some sections that never made the final cut. And I utterly love the live Iron Curtain track. Always reminds me of Atmosphere.

Re: Share: Mix for NWO Part 2

PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2016 6:47 pm
by wasproxy
Sorry - I was unclear - I can only grab the very first one you did on Dropbox, the others don't seem to have a download option, just listen online. If you can do dropbox for the other two that would be AWESOME - thanks!

Re: Share: Mix for NWO Part 2

PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 9:57 am
by ame01999
Sure, here's the mix for this thread: ... I.m4a?dl=0

and Part 1: ... I.m4a?dl=0

00:00 Car Crash Set - Fall from grace
07:47 Carmody - Messengers of Love
12:44 Bazooka Joe - Smallville
18:01 Felt - My Face Is On Fire
21:07 The Gist - Love at First Sight (1981)
24:46 Movement - New Harbours
29:21 Fred - All Rights Reserved
34:01 Linear Movement - A Night in June
38:38 Teepee - Erosion
45:19 Marine Girls - On My Mind
48:27 Shriekback - Clear Trails
52:12 Associates - Paper House
57:06 Lives of Angels - Look out kid
1:02:34 Lives of Angels - Ascension
1:07:56 Vita Noctis - Hade (Slow Version)
1:11:01 Steve Parker - Keys and Colleges
1:13:59 Syncopation - Marking Time
1:17:47 Simple Minds - Kant-Kino
1:19:39 Vita Noctis - The Last Delay

Do you have the Dusk mix in addition to the Paean to Flexipop? It's good! ... Y-J9a?dl=0

A leading up to the eighties mix, on the dark side:

Cluster - Hollywood - 1974
Kraftwerk - Kohoutek - Kometenmelodie - (1973 Version)
Throbbing Gristle - Hot on the Heels of Love
Duet Emmo - Or So It Seems - 1983
Robert Rental - Double Heart - 1980
Thomas Leer - Private Plane
Xymox - No Words (demo)
Young Marble Giants - Choci Loni (demo)
Cluster and Eno - Schone Hande
Depeche Mode - Reason Man (Bridgehouse, London, 1980)
New Order - Decades (soundcheck, London, 1981)
The Normal + Robert Rental - Live at West Runton Pavilion 1979
Jane - It's a Fine Day

Heck, I'd might as well get all the comps in one post, for posterity:

In the early aughts, when I was really into Soulseek, I came across a 36 album series called A Tribute to Flexipop apparently compiled by a small record shop in Germany. Below are my personal favorites.

(A few of these tracks have come back in print, with the advent of Dark Entries records and some recent Minimal Wave compilations. I imagine The Girl With the Patent Leather Face must be on one of the early Soft Cell reissues, but haven't checked. There is a great live take of Iron Curtain's The Condos on the album Artifact. The wonderful 'Are Kisses Out of Fashion?' and Fall of Saigon tracks are out on Dark Entries.)

Song - Artist

"Disc" 1 ... wjkja?dl=0

Modern Things - Voice Farm
Direct Lines - The Electronic Circus
Crowds - Popular History of Signs
Zuerst Ich - Silvia
The Autumn - End of Your Garden?
Inertia - The Screen
Celebration - End of Your Garden
In Ultraviolet - Cinema 90
To Hold You - Unknown
Elevate (7in Version) - Voice Farm
Warten - Exkurs
Are Kisses Out of Fashion? - Sudeten Creche

"Disc 2" ... e21ba?dl=0

...Und Es Geht Ab - Piefke & Pafke
Across the Fence - Portion Control
King of the Rumbling Spires - The Fast Set
A Girl of Tears - Jeunesse D'ivoire
A.G.N.E.S. - 1000 Ohm
All Rights Reserved - Fred
Jane's Third Party - A Sudden Way
Ich Komme Aus Der Ddr - Gleitzeit
Noise Boys Song - Flexipop
2525 - The New Age
The Condos - Iron Curtains
Don't Believe It's Over - Nocturnal Emissions
The Politics of Ecstasy - Body Falling Downstairs
Deutsches Mädchen - The Actor
Dixos Proposo - Anti
No Songs Tomorrow - Uv Pop
Visions - Fall of Saigon
Whispers in the Shadow 12in Version - The Vylies
A Darkness in My Soul - Solid Space
Keys and Colleges - Steve Parker
The Girl with the Patent Leather Face - Soft Cell


Aspro_Mavro(White_Black) - Christos Zygomalas
Here As I Am - Company of State
Es Gibt Keine Bösen Märchen Mehr - Cyclotron
Echoes of the Past - Deco Faction
Treat the Other Half Right - Douglas Breggar
King - Hohokam
Don´T Catch Me in the Blast - Napalm Babies
Dansande Man (Demo1) - Page
Die Gesunden - Sometimes Manchmal
Telegraphic - Telegraphic
Hades - Vita Noctis
Come on a My House - Voice Farm
Alive She Died - The First Night
Angelo and His Ego - Fire and Water ... 8_Usa?dl=0

Anti - Stamata Na Milas Gia Thanato - Anti
The Bien - Huge Box - The Bien
Camera Obscura - Race in Athens - Camera Obscura
Carol & Snowy Red - Breakdown - Carol and Snowy Red
El Aviador Dro - Programa En Espiral - El Aviador Dro
Exhibit A-Rain - Exhibit
The Higher Primates - Living in a Vacuum - The Higher Primates
Indians in Moscow - Singing in French - Indians In Moscow
John Bender - 35 B1 - John Bender
Low Class - the Aliennation Ballade - Low Class
Blue-Eyed Boy Addresses - Missing Persons
Poème Electronique - the Echoes Fade - Poeme Electronique
Säurekeller - Hiroshima - Saurekeller
I Want You to Want Me - Sista mannen Pa Jordon
Solid Space - 10th Planet - Solid Space
Stranger Station - Minutes to Silence - Stranger Silence
Transparent Illusion - the Age of Ridicule - Transparent Illusion
Anozi - Xoris Perideraio ... 4ATsa?dl=0

Re: Share: Mix for NWO Part 2

PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 5:01 pm
by wasproxy
WOW what a collection - got em all - will listen and report back... will take a while ! MANY MANY THANKS!