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Early New Order releases

New Wave/Punk music, culture, genres, memories. '80s revivalism and other relevant topics.

Re: Early New Order releases

Postby obs » Sun Jun 03, 2018 6:46 pm

Gillian seemed to really take to keyboards

Hooky's opinion of her keyboard playing is quite different :mrgreen:

I'm not a big fan of their first album, but I quite like "Dreams Never End". But as a collector of their 80s stuff, surprisingly, I never did buy "Movement", neither on vinyl or CD. I guess I just have to see the CD at a good price :) .

I am a fan of "Ceremony", "Procession" (like this far more than "Everything's Gone Green"), and "Cries and Whispers". I was very happy when I recently found a copy of the "1981-1982" CD for the kingly ransom of $1.00, and it was like new.
Room at the Top
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Re: Early New Order releases

Postby Thomass20 » Wed May 01, 2019 12:09 am

bpdp3 wrote:Not listening currently, but it's a well I go back to fairly regularly. This 1981 material you're mentionong is really good, but also a little tentative.. still finding their footing post-ian Curtis I imagine.

What's amazing to me is how this musical unit grows from say 1979 to 1983 rachat de credit immo. To get from the "closer" album to 'blue Monday' in just 3 years is a pretty big aesthetic leap. Would/could they have made it with Curtis is the eternal unanswerable question.

Interesting how early on they keep these dance tracks off the albums..(i.e. Gone green and blue Monday)!

Well, it's proof that artists evolve and do everything to perfect their art.
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Re: Early New Order releases

Postby blade69 » Wed May 01, 2019 9:51 am

Movement grew on me. I only thought it was OK at first, but I have higher regard for it now. It helps that I can look up the lyrics online. I never could understand much of what Barney was saying on that particular album.
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