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So80s 12 & 13

So80s 12 & 13

Postby omar » Wed Jul 10, 2019 12:21 am

Both out next month on the same day by Blank & Jones. Here's the tracklist :

So80s 12:

01. Blue (Armed With Love) - WHAM! 3:52
02. Smooth Operator (12“ Version) - Sade 8:47
03. Why Is It So Hard? (12“ U.S. Remix - Extended Version) - Talk Talk 6:08
04. Why Can’t We Live Together (12“ Version) - Mike Anthony 6:56
05. Tell Her About It (Special Version) - Billy Joel 5:35
06. This Town (Full Length Version) - Hey! Elastica 3:48
07. Express Myself (Extended Remix) - Womack & Womack 6:44
08. I've Got The Beat (Magic Sticks) (Extended Version) - George Kranz 5:46
09. A.G.N.E.S. (12“ Version) - 1000 OHM 6:20
10. Visage (Dance Mix) - Visage 6:02
11. True Dub - New Order 10:43

CD 2 75:41

01. Boogie Down (Long Version) - Al Jarreau 6:26
02. Easy Lover (Extended Dance Remix) - Philip Bailey & Phil Collins 6:19
03. 20/20 (Jellybean Remix) - George Benson 9:39
04. Strut (Dance Mix) - Sheena Easton 5:52
05. If I Say Stop, Then Stop! (Sex Mix & Dub) - Georgie Red 10:43
06. T.V. Scene (Sensurround Mix) - Linda Di Franco 7:17
07. Turn Me Loose (12“ Version) - Blue Night 7:47
08. Let The Music Play (12“ Version) - Sammy Barbot 5:24
09. Wind Him Up (Special Maxi Version) - Saga 5:45
10. Wot (12“ Version) - Captain Sensible 5:35
11. Ich will Spaß (Maxi Version) - Markus 4:26

So80s 13:

01. Never As Good As The First Time (Extended Mix) - Sade 5:08
02. Sweet Soft N’ Lazy (Special Maxi Version) - Viktor Lazlo 6:06
03. Dangerous (Power Mix) (Long Version) - Roxette 7:03
04. Along Comes A Woman (Dance Remix) - Chicago 6:13
05. War Child (Extended Version) - Blondie 7:58
06. Better Be Good To Me (Extended Version) - Tina Turner 7:44
07. Now That We've Found Love (Paul Hardcastle Remix) - Third World 5:59
08. Out Of The Funk (Original Version) - Dennis Brown 7:21
09. Just Call (Hot Line Mix) - Sherrick 4:19
10. Tell Me What You Want (Extended Version) - Loose Ends 6:11
11. California Girls (Remix) - David Lee Roth 3:09

CD 2 68:28

01. Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir (Sex Mix / Part 1) - DAF 6:37
02. I Love You Too Much (Fascination! EP Version) - The Human League 3:18
03. Underneath The Radar (12“ Remix) - Underworld 8:01
04. Hip Hop Be Bop (Don’t Stop) (Special Disconet R.E.M.I.X.) - Man Parrish 7:34
05. Sidewalk Talk (Dance Mix) - Jellybean 6:06
06. This Night (Long Version) - Peter Jacques Band 8:00
07. Imagination (Extended Version) - Avenue 4:57
08. Pour It On (Creamy House Mix) - Mason 8:35
09. It’s The First Time (Extended Version) - Loïs Lane 5:38
10. When Love Breaks Down (Extended Version) - Prefab Sprout 4:20
11. Dein Ist Mein Ganzes Herz (12“ Version) - Heinz Rudolf Kunze 4:56

Don't see much of interest here unfortunately.
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Re: So80s 12 & 13

Postby thunderbird2 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 2:22 am

very disappointing , these compilations were some of the last where you could hope for some of our wants / good tracks to be on them , track listing looks poor to me and there are still lots of great 12" mixes still unavailable , understand that there are often licencing issues but this does not interest me one bit , it would be good if they shared their list of what they are trying to licence I am sure we would all have great suggestions on items to go for

I mean how many times has Visage Visage been on compilations and the 12" was very well remastered was on Rubellans remaster of the first album , how about something like the Anvil dance mix making its debut

anyway will not be purchasing these
Personal Jesus
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Re: So80s 12 & 13

Postby moni » Wed Jul 10, 2019 4:58 am

Only thing that stick out on those is True Dub apart from that piss poor and When Love Breaks Down (Extended Version) doesn't exist there are two different mixes but no Extended Version.
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Re: So80s 12 & 13

Postby ZippY » Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:31 am

The best thing here for me is to finally see a CD release of the complete 20/20 Jellybean Remix. I had that 12 inch way back when I still did some DJing in those days. Killer track and one of my personal favourites of Jellybean's (re-)mixes.

Good to see True Dub here too. And about that 'rare Wham' topic: I think it's time that the record company go for Deluxe Editions, if they'll refuse now, they will lose momentum for CD buyers in the (near) future and it will become pointless to do.
Take On Me
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Re: So80s 12 & 13

Postby omar » Wed Jul 10, 2019 8:03 am

I got so80s 11 which was far better than these new upcoming ones. Oh well. I hope Blank & Jones take note and put out more worthwhile stuff in the future.
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Re: So80s 12 & 13

Postby negative1 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 8:43 am

i like it for the 'why is it so hard (remix)' by talk talk, and true dub by new order.

good enough for me.

Room at the Top
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Re: So80s 12 & 13

Postby anfunny2003 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 8:58 am

These are pants - at £18 each for a 2CD set (not including postage), it's daylight robbery. A lot of these tracks I don't even know - presumably non-UK hits. We're used to getting 3CD or 5CD 80s sets for about £5, and for all the 'same old culprits' on many of those (Relax, Planet Earth, etc.), there's usually a few notable tracks you're glad to get. Most of the remixes I'm familiar with on these two volumes are already on CD - and that's where they'll come from, the original CD pressings, with the volume ramped up. Over £40 for 4 CDs of questionable selections.... I'll pass.
Personal Jesus
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Re: So80s 12 & 13

Postby BigManRestless » Fri Jul 12, 2019 4:23 am

Kudos for the eclectic selection, but who really wants Man Parrish, David Lee Roth, Third World and Talk Talk on the same album? :roll:
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The Jet Set
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Re: So80s 12 & 13

Postby xymox970 » Sun Jul 14, 2019 4:56 pm

Call me a sucker, but I AM a sucker for those long extended versions, and when I say long, I do mean LONG.

Therefore, good to see New Order, Georgie Red, even George Benson, although one does not automatically associate
mr.Benson with a quality 80s extended mix. I know its a Jellybean version, but - was it really necessary in this case ?
I know really know this remix - just speaking off the top of my head......knowing mr. Bensons output in the early-mid 80s......

But, how about adding some of those close to 10 minutes (or over) running time illusive versions you almost never get to see on such compilations.....
Wrap Her Up (Elton feat. George), Too Much Blood (Arthur Baker extravaganza), JoBoxers - Johnny Friendly......
just some of the first that pop to my mind.....

Well, even an oddity like an almost 8 minutes 12" screeching version of Sidewalking by The Jesus & Mary Chain would be more than welcome.

I bought loads of 12" compilations over the years and I dont recall ever finding any of these above there......
and I am sure there would be lots more rare ones one could add to that list....

All kudos to mr Blank & Jones for their fine work, but honestly - those German oddities are not the ones I would like to see on such a compilation....
Personal Jesus
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Re: So80s 12 & 13

Postby blaaah » Mon Jul 15, 2019 11:32 am

I concur, i admire them and their effort but I am not sure who this appeals to. There are 4 of interest already mentioned out of many and for £40, that isnt vfm.
Take On Me
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Re: So80s 12 & 13

Postby WLR » Wed Jul 24, 2019 1:23 am

Have to agree these are pretty poor, not to mention rather expensive.
Personal Jesus
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Re: So80s 12 & 13

Postby Chrismix » Wed Jul 24, 2019 9:23 am

I completely agree with the sentiments of previous comments. Unfortunately this series has really gone downhill, especially beginning with so8os 11. I for one used to look forward to all of their new releases. These two, however, are really not even close to worth me even considering purchasing. It seems that very few if any of their choices remotely come close to new wave or even 80s alternative selections. Although 80s pop were always a big part of their choices, I would always be stoked for a few gems that were present. For goodness sakes, Billy Joel, I wouldn't tell anybody about it! The obsure European choices are also abysmal, in my opinion. I, for one will not be spending my hard earned dollars for the one obscurity of True Dub, might even purchase that one on vinyl. My excitement and anticipation of any further realeases coming from this duo is no longer a wish or hope, but simply a hard pass and a cringe. Time to get back to basics boys and give the ever dwindling cd collectors what we really want or would see fit to purchase.
Running Up That Hill
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